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Ustream Pioneer Tori Amos Back Again!

Tori Amos, an early Ustream broadcaster, returns back to the platform with another live webchat with fans, tomorrow, Wednesday July 23, 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT. Be sure to ask her about her innovative new project dropping the same day, “Comic Book Tattoo”, a stunning 480-page graphic art treatment detailing Tori’s catalogue of music, as interpreted by the best and brightest comic book artists.

Ms. Amos appearance is not just another artist webchat for Ustream, because Ms. Amos is not just another artist for Ustream. Tori and her visionary management team hosted her first webchat back in October of ’07, a mere half-year after Ustream launched early beta. Tori was the first recognizable “name” in entertainment that the Ustream team could proudly point to as a testament to what we were doing. At the time, we were the live video platform of choice to the early adopter tech circles, presidential candidates… and Tori Amos. It was one of Ustream’s first major successes, and introduced the live experience to a wholly new group of viewers.

The orange-haired screenshots of Tori on the Ustream player became the go-to image for many a Ustream collateral and one-sheets. In the 9 months since Tori’s last session, countless household names in entertainment have passed through the silver screens of Ustream’s Flash video player, including 50 Cent, Hannah Montana, Jessica Simpson, Switchfoot, Johhny Knoxville… and the list goes on.

But Tori was one of the very first. For that, we roll about the red-carpet for her prodigal return. Join us Wednesday, 7/23 in welcoming Tori back!

Netroots: Clark, Pelosi, Dean To Speak Live

Over the last few years, the internet has become a widely used tool within the political landscape.  Moreover, the VOICE of the internet has risen as powerful force in shaping the direction of this country.

When Ustream.TV launched in early 2007, we had the opportunity to broadcast live a 3-day event at the time known as the YearlyKos.  This group of “grassroots, hardcore bloggers” met in Chicago to discuss the issues of the day affecting our country and the world.  It’s impact was powerful.  It was such a success that it garnered the attention of the Democratic party’s most influential, culminating in a live presidential debate with all the Democratic Presidential candidates.

Well, its a new year and they have a new name.  Netroots Nation, founded in 2006, will be broadcasting live on Ustream this weekend its 3rd annual conference from Austin TX.  Broadcasts start Thursday and go through Sunday.

The list of speakers is pretty impressive: General Wesley Clark (a member of the Ustream advisory board), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Howard Dean.

We will have wall to wall coverage of the event with 5-6 different feeds of all the breakout sessions.  You can see a full list of the speakers here:

For all the different feeds, check out the Netroots/Ustream pages below:

E3: Presented by

Back in 2006 nearly 60,000 people were allowed to attend E3, which at the time was the biggest gaming conference in the world. In 2007 the conference was radically reduced – leaving it as an invite only event with a max capacity of 5,000.

Now how do you get a live stream of an invite only gaming conference?

You partner with epic gaming website!

1UP is in the trenches streaming both the Nintendo and Sony conferences at E3. Spore on the Nintendo DS, cookbook on the DS, snowboard for the Wii… These announcements are only going to get crazier! I can’t wait.

If you’re going to stay up to date on the E3 announcements you better be watching the 1UP Ustream.

Video clips hosted by Ustream

Sen. Barack Obama Live Wed 11am MDT

Sen. Barack Obama LIVE

The political season is heating up and is right in the middle of it!  We have seen broadcasts from members on both sides of the aisle over the last year and you will continue to see major political events take place live right here.  Two more major streams are happening this week.

Fred Thompson will broadcast tomorrow at 10am EDT/7am PDT in partnership with  You can view the live video here:

Presidential Senator Barack Obama will continue his series of live broadcasts today at 11am MDT (1pm EDT/10 am PDT) in a rally titled: “The Call To Service.”

As always you can view the live video and follow the campaign on the Senator’s Official Ustream Channel Page:

If you missed Senator Obama’s most recent speech live on Ustream, definitely check it out:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on who you are supporting this election.  You are going to vote right?  Post your candidate of choice and WHY in the comments section below…VOTE PEOPLE!

Major Release: A New Ustream!

New Look!  New Homepage!  Broadcaster Overlays!  Broadcaster Metrics!  Out with the old and in with the new.  In addition to unveiling two brand new features,  we’ve given the overall site a new look and feel.

New Look!

New Navigation

We’ve implemented a new header with drop down menus for easier navigation.  In addition, we’ve added “Live” and “Upcoming” buttons so users can, at any moment, get caught up on what’s going on now and what events are coming up.

New Favicon

You’ve also probably noticed that we have a new favicon to reflect our new look!  Look out for it in your browsers!

New Homepage

In addition to revamping the overall look, we’ve added new items to the homepage:

Announcements section

Announcements will keep everyone up-to-date on all Ustream developments — big events, new releases, and anything else an inquiring Ustreamer mind would want to know.  Be sure to check in regularly to find out what’s going on at Ustream (note:  you can also subscribe to this section via RSS.)

Upcoming Events

The dynamic nature of live often makes it challenging to tune in at the right time, so we’ve implemented a new feature to keep viewers updated:  an Upcoming section.  This section will list the most interesting broadcaster events upcoming on Ustream — from Barack Obama’s next campaign appearance to Rhett and Link’s next episode.  Dates and times will be provided to ensure that viewers never miss out on an event.

Want your Event to show up in this Upcoming section?  Then make sure to go into your “My Shows” and schedule an event!

Follow Us On Twitter

Get all your info through Twitter?  Well, now you can get Ustream updates via Twitter by clicking our “Follow Us On Twitter” button in the upper right.  Be sure to look out for our Tweets!

Flash Overlays!

You asked for them and we delivered.  Now anyone can have a professional looking Ustream broadcast without having to use a third-party application.  With our new Text Overlay feature, you can add scrolling text, lower third nametags, or any other text you can imagine.  You can also hyperlink text, so users can click on them in the video player.

With our new YouTube overlay feature, you can add any YouTube video directly to your broadcast.  Once you’ve selected the YouTube video you want to overlay, you can cue them up and play them at any point during your show.

(Be sure to look out for Image, RSS, and Chat overlays in the next few weeks!)

Broadcaster Metrics!

Want to get viewer statistics for your shows?  Well, now you can see metrics for all your Ustream broadcasts!  Simply login then go into your “My Shows” page and click the “Metrics” tab.  In addition to viewing your Metrics, you’ll be able to email and export them.

We’ll be adding more metrics in the future, so look out for those.

The Next Few Weeks

In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out even more new features.  This release was just the tip of the iceberg.  So stay tuned and check in regularly for all the newest Ustream developments.

Ustream Destroys The Competition

This past weekend we were challenged to the most intense sport of all. A sport which many an athlete fail to engage in out of pure horror. A sport meant for the strong, tough, and dedicated.

This past weekend, we played kickball.

Oh yes, we played, and we played well. After analyzing the rules and creating a strategy, we went out there and won. Research, plan, execute. Simple.

Here we are in all our glory.

Two for Tuesdays: Nick Carter, Ace Young

4 PM Pacific. Today. Nick Carter. Ace Young. Two singers who have woo’ed more than a few young womens’ hearts.

Two webchats. Same time.

Nick Carter will host an exclusive webcast on Ustream. Join the official Backstreet Boys fan club to join in on the chatroom, but go to the Backstreet Boys Ustream to watch and listen in on the exclusive chat

4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern, Tuesday, July 1.

Ace Young, Grammy nominated songwriter and one-time American Idol aspirant, joins us to discuss his upcoming debut album. Ace will be taking questions from everyone in the Meebo chat!

4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern, Tuesday, July 1.

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