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12/31 and 1/1 New Year’s Live Events

Vinnie Paul of Pantera will broadcast his New Year’s Eve Party in Texas LIVE as he plays cover songs with his side project Gasoline and some special musician friends. The show will broadcast all evening on
New Year’s Eve leading up to midnight Central Time, and is sponsored by Affliction Clothing.

Show host and moderator and BIG VIN RECORDS promoter “Videobob” will be moving the show along and answering questions in the interactive chat room.

Tune in New Year’s Eve and check here for more info.

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

As seen in the New York Times, choreographer Miguel Gutierrez is organizing Freedom of Information 2008, a dance piece that consists of solos by participants in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each solo will be performed on New Year’s Eve starting at 12:01 a.m., as a response to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Watch the dancers here on Ustream—each state’s dancer has his/her own
channel. For a full list of channels, check it out.

Ring in the new year live with the Mike Tech Show on New Year’s Eve 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. EST. Check out Mike’s blog for more details.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Join the staff of to welcome 2009 live at the Watermark on Main, a new restaurant in West Ventura County. The live coverage will begin at 10 p.m. Pacific Time.

Maria Sanchez, Ventura County drive-time talk show host, and Chuck Muncie, former NFL All Pro running back from the San Diego Chargers (and 1976 Heisman Trophy runner-up when he was a senior at Cal) will join restaurant owners and their guests in the Roof Garden at the Watermark on Main, the same restaurant that Kevin Costner, a Ventura city native, held his cast party for a movie last August.

Join in the Disney fun from the comfort of your living room! Broadcasts of Disney World’s fireworks will broadcast LIVE on Ustream until Jan. 4 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time. Check them out!

Free live streaming by Ustream

Streaming live video by Ustream

Join Jason Sadler from I Wear Your Shirt on New Year’s Day as he begins 365 days of wearing sponsored t-shirts. His first shirt is courtesy of Ustream, where he will live stream daily throughout 2009. Tune in at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on New Year’s Day to see how he’s celebrating the new year. Check out the website for more details.

Live by Ustream.TV

Malcolm X College in Chicago will host one of the largest seven-day Kwanzaa observances in the world LIVE on New Years Day at noon Central Time. The observance features culture, music and dance. This is the first time the event will be broadcast live on the web.

Video clips at Ustream

Events for the week of December 29, 2008

New Years Week is a great one for Ustream, we have MacWorld just around the corner, celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, Nip/Tuck timeless beauties, Geekazine’s weekly show, and more. 

Starting on December 29 and running through January 6, we will have Nip Tuck’s “Timeless Beauties” Dancing LIVE at the Beverly Center! The return of nip/tuck will be highlighted with live performances by the three iconic dancers; “Go Go,” “Starlet” and “Princess”. These dancers will interact in-person with visitors at Los Angeles’ Beverly Center as well as virtually in the Ustream chat. Vote online at for your favorite! If you’re not in LA, tune in LIVE at watch with us here: 

Also on Monday, December 29 at 7p EST we have Geekazine, a show on tech, podcasting and having fun. This is a great show for the Geek in all of us. This week there will be 3 panelists talking about new gadgets, and they’ll be taking questions so email geekazine [at] Watch with us live here:

Daily, we have a wonderful stream from the New Leash on Life Adoption facility in Mt. Juliet, TN. Watch with us as these cute little animals eat, play, and look for a new loving home to take care of them. Watch live here:

On New Years Day, January 1, 2009 Jason Sadler of will be live wearing a shirt! For all of 2009, Jason will be wearing a different brands shirt each day, and his first will be one of OURS! Tune in live to see how you can get involved too:

On January 2nd, at 9a EST, two of the best Rock Band 2 drummers in the world will be LIVE on Ustream for a marathon drumming session through all 530+ songs in the game.  Over the estimated 60 hours of drumming, they will be both competing for a new World Record as well as raising donations for the United Way. Be sure to check out the site:

And watch with us LIVE:

Streams to watch for:
January 6th-9th for Macworld! Watch with us live here:

January 7th for Valerie Waters Red Carpet Celebrity Showcase. Watch with us live here:

January 8th-11th for CES! Watch with us live here:

Top Live Streams of 2008

Millions discovered the power of live streaming in 2008. Viewers watched an average of 18 years of content every day on Ustream. Check it out: we put together a highlights video and a list of the most-watched live moments this year!

1. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam:  When dog owners set up a cam in their home to keep track of six newborn Shiba Inu pups while they were at work, millions tuned in to watch the cute puppies sleep, eat and play. Nearly 900 years have been spent watching the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, making it the most-watched internet video of all time. From a Digg user: “Most people say I tend to be dramatic, but in this case I’m not…I swear this video has changed my life! It is truly the greatest thing I have ever seen on the internet.”

2. President-Elect Barack Obama: Ustream powered Barack Obama’s live campaign events across the nation this fall. Obama’s victory night speech on the evening of Nov. 4 was one of the most-watched live online moments of the year.

3. Republican National Convention: Ustream was the exclusive live streaming partner at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.  Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter Piper Palin was captured smoothing her younger brother Trig’s hair on Ustream, among many noteworthy moments streamed online during the event.

4. Jonathan Davis’ Studio Cam (Lead Singer of Korn): Jonathan Davis installed three cams in his studio to show the world his creative process as his new album comes together. He streams all day every day.

5. Obama Sign: When a Portland, Oregon family’s campaign yard sign for Barack Obama was stolen in April and again in September, 16-year-old Preston Fosback decided to set up a live stream of his handmade Obama sign that ran all day every day to capture the culprit. What followed was one of the most-watched videos of the year. From Preston Fosback: “The Internet has a way of taking simple things and making them

6. Hurricanes Ike & Gustav: When these storms plowed through the Southeast in August, residents in affected areas live streamed the storms and their aftermath, providing access to millions of viewers.

7. TechCrunch50: One of the biggest tech events of the year, TechCrunch50 was held in San Francisco and Ustream was the exclusive live-streaming partner. During the  two-day September show,  50 companies were launched and highlighted. Ustream delivered live streams to millions of viewers worldwide to virtually attend.

8. Taylor Swift:  One of country music’s standout stars hosted the most-watched artist live question-and-answer stream of 2008 in November.

9. 50 Cent: Hip-hop star conducted two live streams in 2008, enabling fans to interact with him. He conducted a live Q&A from his hotel room in South Africa in spring and live streamed his G-Unit radio show on Sirius XM in December.

10. Dalai Lama: The Dalai Lama held a press conference in Ann Arbor, Mich. in April, at the height of the Chinese/Tibet discussions in the U.S. with the Olympic Torch Relay.

Events for the week of December 22, 2008

This week is packed full of great streams including more from Smule, a baby Jaguar Cub, Nip Tuck Dancers, Dog Trainer Guru Chicks, IWearYourShirt starts a daily stream, cute puppies in a store front window, and more. 

On Monday December 22 at 7p PST, Smule will be LIVE showing off their great iPhone apps! Last week they had a great show, chatting with people from around the world who have been practicing with their interactive sonic media. Smule has created the first true musical instrument for the iPhone. Both experts and beginners will be amazed by this innovative player. Download the app here: and tune in live to watch the pros:

Daily at Noon EST, Jason Sadler of will be live wearing a new shirt each day! On January 1, Jason will start wearing a different brands shirt each day, and his first will be one of OURS! Tune in live to chat about his project, ask him why, and see how you can get involved:

On December 22 at 6p PST tune in and chat with James Andrews and Hill Harper. In this LIVE Q&A and web chat I am sure we’ll hear about Hill’s last few years of being on the road campaigning for his friend President Elect Barack Obama. Tune in with us here:

On Tuesday the 23rd, at 630p PST tune in for ‘Key Number 9’ – You Complete YOU! Each week, Troy discusses 1 of 9 Keys To Freedom After Heartbreak LIVE here:

Daily we have another puppy stream, this one comes to us from Le Petit Puppy in Greenwich Village, featured in the book Eyes Open NEW YORK as one of the 50 most inspiring places to visit in New York. Unlike most of our puppy streams, these pups are LIVE from a store front window! If you don’t live in NY, tune in live to watch these little guys here:

On Wednesday at 5p PST, come watch the live webcast that will help you to take the lead in your dog/owner relationship. Learn the professionals secrets to having a great pet every Wednesday:

Daily we have a LIVE 24/7 stream of a baby Jaguar Cup from the Palm Beach Zoo. You can watch this jaguar cub and her mother Nabalam whenever you’d like. Feeding time is mid morning EST, and late evening EST. Watch with us here, and let us know what you think:

Starting on December 29 and running through January 6, we will have Nip Tuck’s “Timeless Beauties” Dancing at the Beverly Center! The return of nip/tuck will be highlighted with live performances by the three iconic dancers featured in FX’s current on-air promotional campaign for the series. “Go Go,” “Starlet” and “Princess” will interact in-person with visitors at Los Angeles’ Beverly Center as well as virtually via the Internet. Vote online at for your favorite! If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can watch in person at:

Beverly Center, Grand Court (Level 6)
8500 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

If not, tune in and watch with us LIVE here:

Happy Holidays From The Ustream Team!

On behalf of everyone here at Ustream, I would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays to you and yours! This has been an exciting year, and in the spirt of the holidays we’d love to share some great streams with you. 

For the next few days leading up to Christmas, we have Santa streaming LIVE from the North Pole! Yes, Santa is live each evening from 3pm to 9pm PST answering questions from the chat. Be sure to tune in and get your last minute wish lists in! 

We also have an amazing LED Light Display!  This ‘Light O Rama’ display is something you must see! With too many lights to count, and a total of 48 channels sequenced to 15 songs, this truly is amazing! Special thanks to Willy and Koala of Hamilton, Ontario.

And finally, another must see, the Polar Bear Cub Cam:

Ok, they’re not really polar bears, but they sure are cute! Hope you enjoy! 

From everyone here at, we wish you all the best! Stay safe, and Happy Holidays!

Founder’s Predictions For 2009

Brad Hunstable, Dr. Gyula Feher and I have been building Ustream, the leader in live video, for over two years now. Throughout the history of our company we’ve been asked about our thoughts on Live video.  In answering this question, we answer another simple, yet powerful, question: “Why Live?”  

Live unlocks the viral potential of the internet. Over the past few years, the internet has proven itself to be a “viral” medium.  With web tools like Facebook and Twitter and the emergence of smart phones, sharing has never been easier — people who “care to share” are fully equipped and have the potential to catapult notable content to worldwide notoriety. We have seen this proven most recently with the quick and global spread of one of our very own streams, the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam! In under 2 months, this Live stream was shared throughout the world and reached over 18 million people, becoming, almost over night, the most watched Live video in history. 

With that, Ustream’s predictions for our space in 2009.

1. 2009 is the “Year of LIVE.”  The use of Live streaming as a social media tool will continue to grow, and prove to be an invaluable solution for individuals and companies around the world looking to reach their online communities in innovative ways. The emotional connection formed by seeing it happen Live versus recorded is a compelling frontier in social media marketing. 

2. LIVE drives VIRAL and VIRAL drives LIVE: LIVE and VIRAL have a symbiotic relationship.  Live is more virulent because it’s event based.  Live events like a Taylor Swift live webchat or the immediacy around a community of millions watching LIVE gives us something to talk about, something to share — a vehicle by which we disseminate our message throughout the viral internet.  In return, the viral internet brings viewers back to the live event. 

3. Proven Scale will matter MORE:  With high profile live events like Google serving the RNC through Ustream, rock solid technology and infrastructure will continue to be critical.  When you have millions of people at the same place, at the same time, watching the same thing, you will need a solution that has proven scale with a scale stress test.

Events for the week of December 15, 2008

This week is an exciting one. We have many great streams including a 24/7 Malayan Tiger Cam, Santa, Celebrity training, and more.

Daily, from 3-9p PST we have Santa Clause Live. Santa will be streaming LIVE from his work shop at the North Pole nightly all the way through Christmas! Tune in to chat with Santa, tell him in person what you want this year, and listen to some great Christmas music with people from around the world. Chat with Santa LIVE nightly here: 

On Tuesday, the 16th at 5p PST, we have Valerie Waters Red Carpet-Ready Training Q&A.  Celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters, unveils the results of 6 week training program with showcased women who have slimmed down using her six-week plan; event is culmination of following.  Watch with us LIVE here:

On Tuesday the 16th at 6:30p PST, join Best Selling “Wolf of Wallstreet” Author Jordan Belfort as he discusses his new book, “The Rise and Fall of an American Entreprenurial Icon”.  Watch with us live here:

On Tuesday, December 16th at 7 pm PST, come watch another Peter Himmelman music broadcast. This week he invites The Pretenders slide guitarist, Eric Heywood, into the jam session madness:


December 18th, at 5p PST we have Zedalza New York. The Zedalza guys try to help people laugh at absurdity and hypocrisy on their LIVE show. Hosted by Frank Valbiro, Anthony Valbiro and Mike Alonzi these three incorporate an open talk forum and encourage viewers to participate in the broadcasts by calling in live and interacting through the chat room during the show.
Tune in with us for entertainment for a New Generation here:

Daily, we have The Malaysian National Zoo’s Tiger Cam! The head zoo keeper tells us that it’s mating season right now, and they are waiting for the female tiger to give birth.  These Malayan Tigers have three cameras inside the show area, and one inside the night/feeding quarters.  Feeding time is around 1-2a PST. The tigers are usually active in the morning from 4-6p PST, when they’re released from the night quarters into their show area.

Tune in for live Tiger action here: 


2008 Viral Video of the Year And Puppy Cam SONG!

Most of the world now has seen our beloved Shiba Inu Puppy Cam (maybe the world is a exaggeration, but 10 million people have tuned it).

They been on TV and radio, in magazines and blogs.  The pups were on CNN atleast 20 times. John our other Founder and I even got to be on the Today show live (yes, I was nervous).

Did you hear this? They are also one of the Top 10 Most Viral Videos of 2008, perhaps even the most viral LIVE video of all time.

All of this because a SF family decided to put a puppy nanny cam on their 6 adorable little puppies. Who would have thought!

And now, they even have a song! Enjoy and Happy Holidays..

UPDATE:  NBC Nightly News Piece from today!

12/9/08 & 12/10/08: Live streams from Le Web

Tune in on Tuesday, Dec. 9 and Wednesday, Dec. 10 for Le Web LIVE from Paris. Starting tonight at midnight Pacific (9 a.m. Paris Time), we’ll be broadcasting three live streams from Le Web. Hear from insiders at Microsoft, MySpace, TechCrunch, Facebook, Six Apart, MySpace, Google, and more. For the full line-up, check out Le Web.

Broadcasting schedule is: 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9 and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 10. Paris is nine hours ahead of U.S. Pacific Time.

Main Stage stream

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Le Web Startup Competition live stream

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

Le Web Mobile Stream
Free Videos by Ustream.TV

Events for the week of December 7th, 2008

We have so many great events happening this week, including; Hollywood movie premiers, antique car auctions, the Golden Globe announcements, and more. 

Starting today, Friday the 5th and running through Sunday the 7th Mecum is holding a live muscle and collector car auction at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri!  for the Mecum High Performance Auction. For a list of the over 500 cars are scheduled to be auctioned at this event you can visit
Watch here: 

On Monday, starting at 2:30pm PST, we’ll have Country Music Star Whitney Duncan’s 3rd installment of her stream ‘Whit’s Whit Live’. Whitney will be coming to us live from Nashville, TN to chat with fans and more. 
Be sure to tune in here:

On Monday the 8th at 5:30p PST, we have the Hollywood Premiere of Curious Case of Benjamin Button staring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. We’ll have multiple streams throughout the event including:
“Limo Arrival Cam” –—limo-cam
“Event Cam” – 
Tune in early to watch all the Hollywood Glamour of a movie premiere from the comfort of your home! 

Also on Monday, at 6:15p EST, join us from the NextWeb NY Web 2.0 Meetup. The event will be held at M1-5, with presenters from companies including:Boxee,  ContxtsWebGrrls, and Yelp. The event is capped at 350 people, so if you’re in the NY area and don’t want to wait in line, or if you’re not in NY and want to see all of the great presentations, tune in here:

Tuesday at 5p PST, join the 1UP editors on GameNight where they’ll play an unreleased game while answering questions from the audience live from the 1UP office!  Associate Producer David Ellis, and Community Manage Tina Sanchez will be answering questions related to Killzone 2 on the message boards. Got something really, really important to say to Dave or Tina about the gameplay? Now’s your chance to speak up!

Watch Live with us here:

On Tuesday and Wednesday tune in for our live coverage from Le Web! We have 3 streams this year, covering everything on the main stage, the startup competition, and a mobile stream! Follow live and for free at:

Some of the great presenters include; Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business Development of Microsoft Corporate, Amit Kapur, Chief Operating Officer of MySpace, and Chris Anderson – Curator, TED. 
Watch the main stage stream here: 

Every Tuesday at 7:00p PST, be sure to tune in for Peter Himmelman Live. If you watched last week, you’ll know why we’re telling you about this again! Peter and long time friends: Andrew Kamman on drums, Al Wolovitch on bass, Willie Aron on Guitar, and Kristin Mooney on vocals broadcast live from Peter’s studio in Los Angeles every Tuesday! 
Watch with us here:

On Wednesday, December 10th at 3:30p PST, the website, which features 100% user generated technology related content will be streaming live for an hour and will be entail everything from giveaways, general technology talk, and more. With over 70 writers from 10 different countries, this will certainly be a great stream. 
Watch with us here:

On Thursday morning, December 11, 2008 at 5:30a PST, Elizabeth Banks, Terrence Howard and Rainn Wilson will join Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Jorge Camara to announce the Nominations for “The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards” live from The Beverly Hilton. Watch with us live here:

Also on Thursday the 11th at 5:30p PST we have our second live streamed movie premiere of the week! The Marley and Me Premiere, staring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, will be streamed live from Hollywood, giving the world access to all of the lights, stars, and excitment from the comfort of their living rooms!
Watch with us here:
“Limo Arrival Cam” –—limo-cam
“Event Cam” – 

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