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Ustream Launches Partner Program for Content Partners


Today we are announcing the launch of the Ustream Partner Program to extend revenue opportunities to content providers.

Ustream is the first live video provider to offer ad revenue sharing by integrating Google’s new Video API.  By working with Google, we are able to serve Google in-video ads and utilize Google’s robust backend for both analytics and payments.

Partners will also receive unique monetization tools from Ustream to include the ability to run on-demand mid-roll commercials into their streams.  Certain content partners like radio shows or conferences can run mid-rolls during the natural breaks in their program.

Our vision has always been to make live streaming a profitable activity.  Now our content partners can


generate real dollars and cents.  Some of our early partners have already felt the power of “the light bulb” going on.  This is about a long-term ongoing relationship with our content partners and we’re excited to take this first step.

Partners currently enrolled in the program include Fox News Radio, Soulja Boy, Chris Pirillo, and Shane Dawson.  The amount the broadcaster will earn is dependent on the size of their viewership for both live and recorded content.

Criteria that will be used for eligibility for the program include, but are not limited to, the size of the audience, country of residence, quality of content, and consistency with Ustream’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.  If the partner is accepted into the program, then they will receive a congratulatory notification email detailing further details to include payment frequency and more program details.  This program is available to content partners worldwide.

For more information and to enroll, visit

Rhett and Link are “Live on the Internet”

puppy cam blog

Ever wondered what it takes to become the next live viral internet star? After the explosive and unexpected success of the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, Rhett and Link (Ustreamers and creators of such hits as “The Facebook Song” and “The BBQ Song”) are back with “Live on the Internet,” where they ponder the mysterious elements that go into the making of a live internet sensation. Is it puppies? Babies and gravy? Or some as yet undiscovered mix?

Rhett and Link think it’s time to give the Shiba Inu puppies a run for their money, they’re just not sure how. As the song says, “We’ve mapped the human genome but we still can’t predict the next internet phenom.” Could you be the one to unseat the Shiba puppies from their throne as Ustream’s most watched stream of all time? It doesn’t take a scientist in a lab coat to figure it out. Get out there and start streaming!

Webby Award for the Shiba Inu pups!

Yesterday we hosted very special celebrity guests here at Ustream. Two of the puppies from the famous “Shiba Six,” sisters Ayumi and Autumn, and their human parents, Mr. and Mrs. SFShiba, came to visit our office and received their Webby statuette! The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam became a global phenomenon in late 2008, when over 30 million people tuned in to watch as the puppies grew, played, slept, and ate, spending the equivalent of 800 years watching the puppies. The Shiba Inu Puppy cam is recognized as the most-watched internet video of all time, and was awarded with a Webby earlier this year as a People’s Voice Award Winner in the viral category.

Ayumi and Autumn celebrated the occasion in their own way– with a dog cake from the Ustream team. After the presentation of the award and cake, Ayumi and Autumn put in some playtime from the Ustream office while Shiba fans from around the world watched.

The pups will be one year old on Oct. 7. Seems like just yesterday we were watching them roll around in their little bed biting on each other’s tails and making the most impossibly cute noises. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. SFShiba and Kika will bless us with another litter soon!
If you missed the fun, check out the recorded video below, or tune in for the daily stream of Ayumi, Kika and Haru here.

The Twitter Conference and Other Events for the Week of 9/21

twitter conference upcoming

On Tuesday at 11:30am PST, Ustream’s co-founder Brad Hunstable will be speaking at the ‘140-Character’ Twitter Conference in LA. Both Ustream and Twitter help millions tap into the potential of the real-time web, bringing content and information in unprecedented ways. You won’t want to miss this! The conference runs from Tuesday-Wednesday right here.

Other Events for the Week of 9/21:

At 4:00pm PST on Tuesday, tune in to catch the first episode of anchorwoman Katie Couric’s webshow on CBS, aptly titled @KatieCouric. Her first guest will be Glen Beck, who will be discussing politics and his new book. Tune in here.

On Wednesday, Disney darling Selena Gomez will be live for another fan chat. Every week Selena hundreds of thousands of viewers watch Selena’s chat and have the opportunity to ask her questions, see her sing with her band, and just get a taste of what it would be like to hang out with her in real life! Her album “Kiss and Tell” drops on Sept. 29. It all starts at 5pm PST right here.

Also on Wednesday, tune in to watch San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom do a live Townhall. Newsom is calling on all Californians to respond to rising energy and healthcare costs via participation in the conversation to get California back on track and bring real reform to Sacramento. Help shape the conversation. It all starts here at 6pm PST.

Finally, on Wednesday at 6:30pm PST, join Ashton Kutcher and fellow football experts for an hour and a half of Fantasy Football! Ashton goes live every week to talk strategy with his panel of experts, so anyone who considers themselves a football fan won’t want to miss it! It all goes down here.

On Thursday, join Joanna Hernandez, aka ‘Cocktail’ as she does a photo shoot with internet hottie Christine Dolce. Watch the girls work it for the camera and get a sneak peek of Christine’s new clothing line! It all starts at 1:30pm PST right here.

Also on Thursday, join Ustream when we present SFShiba, or Mr. Hands and Mrs. Feet as they’ve come to be known, with their very own Webby Award. As the millions who tuned in to watch the adorable Shiba Inu puppies grow up live on Ustream probably already know, the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam won a Webby Award for being the most-watched viral internet video of 2008. You won’t want to miss the ceremonial “handing off” of the Webby Award to the proud, anonymous owners of the Shiba Inus. It all goes down at 3pm PST right here.

On Friday, unwind with the fun-loving members of Push Play when they go live for the latest installment of their weekly webchat series. They’ll probably be excited for their show in NYC on Saturday night, so be sure to wish them luck! It all goes down here at 5pm PST.

Finally, on Saturday, musician Jake Coco will be performing live from his living room! There’s nothing quite like the simplicity of a man, his guitar, and his NYC apartment. Think of it as the most intimate private live show you’ve ever been to. Tune in here at 1pm PST.

Live from TechCrunch 50: Monday and Tuesday Sept. 14-15!

Ustream will be streaming start-to-end live coverage of TechCrunch 50, the global competition for startups in its third year. Join us to watch 50 startups via for a $50,000 award. Participate in the chat or Social Stream, and stay tuned for updates!

If you’re attending TechCrunch 50, participate in the Media Stream by recording your own videos from the event using the Ustream iPhone 3GS Recording Application and include #techcrunch50 in the title.

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