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Learning is fun again, the Mustang way!

Yesterday, we went back to school… and boy have things changed! Paperback books, heavy binders, multi-colored pens for note-taking, even lockers — all things of the past. Instead, students are given iPads, classrooms are set up with big TV screens, and even the library looks like a lounge!


Now this just isn’t any ordinary school (nor is it the high school I went to). Tucked at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and wedged in between Watsonville and Gilroy, is the 100-acre digital Disneyland, formally known as Monte Vista Christian School (MVCS). Home to nearly 1000 students (middle and high school), MVCS fuses old and new, bridging the gap between education and new media. 

Determining the state of LIVE: Wainhouse Research to study booming Internet video market for live business communications

Cisco regularly tracks and forecasts the impact of the rapidly growing Internet video industry. In its latest 2013 Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, the networking giant notes that Ustream, YouTube and other video-streaming services – also known as content delivery network (CDNs) – are becoming the dominant method of delivering online video to computers, TVs and other devices.

While CDNs carried an estimated 53 percent of all global Internet video traffic in 2012, Cisco expects that figure to reach 65 percent in 2017. By then, it forecasts, consumers around the globe will be downloading or streaming three times more online video to their PCs than they did in 2012, or more than 46,000 petabytes a month. That’s enough to fill more than 1 billion DVD discs.

Check out the PS4 in (U)streaming Action at TGS

The Tokyo Game Show just kicked off, and we’ve got the first look at the PS4 in action. Over the next four days, gamers will be playing Capcom’s Deep Down, utilizing the streaming capabilities baked into the console. Check it out here:

Tokyo Game Show 2013 Live on Ustream




Back to Basics — What’s the appeal of (U)streaming for gamers?

While at E3, I asked a significant number of gamers about their thoughts on streaming, particularly their reasoning behind choosing one platform over another.  In essence, I basically asked them, “Why aren’t you streaming your games on Ustream?”  That question got a lot of answers — some legitimate relating to established fan bases, while others commented along the lines of Platform bashing. 

Uber: The Next Amazon?

Today at Ustream HQ, we hosted one of our weekly webinars in our studio. However, this one was more NPR-style, as our CEO, Brad Hunstable, chatted with Altimeter analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, about the collaborative economy. Times have changed and new companies have emerged and thrived under this model. Uber has made quite the name for itself; in fact, they may even be on pace to be the “next Amazon.” Check out more here:

Video streaming by Ustream

From the Inside Out: From One Ustreamer to Hundreds of Thousands

Last night, we witnessed another example of the power and proliferation of citizen journalism, and I’m proud that we were able to provide a platform to empower individuals to do so. In the wee hours of the night, citizen journalists broadcasted the SB5 bill proceedings in Texas, allowing hundreds of thousands into the courtroom in real-time via the online streams. This filled a void for many, as traditional media outlets instead littered their programming with infomercials and re-runs that have become the standard for late-night television.

Streaming Weddings As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Streaming Weddings As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Summer has officially started, and with that comes the likes of beaches, barbecues, and our topic of the day: wedding season. At Ustream, we’ve seen a huge uptick in wedding webcasts, as an increasing number of couples nowadays are weaving technology into their wedding planning. In fact, nearly 20 thousand streaming weddings have been broadcast on the Ustream live platform over the last 12 months. Not only that, but we expect the numbers to keep climbing as well.

Check out the infograph below for more numbers. Wedding planners and videographers are well aware of the growing trend, as they realize the opportunity to further expand their offerings. If you are a first time broadcasters, though, and want some generally applicable advice please read our 5 Pro Tips for Live Video Production before your first live stream.

Quantifying Bonnaroo: The Numbers Behind the Stream

Live stream by Ustream

Another Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is officially in the books, and we saw incredible online engagement across the world for this popular event three-day event in Manchester, Tennessee. This was the first year Ustream teamed up with Superfly Productions to live video stream the event, and the results were pretty remarkable — over 11 million fans tuned in, marking the event as one of the highest-viewed streaming festivals to-date. This was also one of Ustream’s top-viewed events in company history, falling short only to Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference earlier this year.

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