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Welcome to the New Ustream

Hey there Ustreamers, It’s our pleasure to introduce you to… (drumroll please)…. the brand new Ustream Broadcast Network, the best way to broadcast and view live content online!

The New Ustream is designed from the ground up to give you, the viewer, the best way to find the most engaging content on Ustream. The new homepage features the best live and recorded videos from around the globe, hand picked by our content team. Along with the freshest news, entertainment, sports and animals coverage; our team is able to group together a 24/7 real-time programming guide that reflects multiple perspectives of unfolding events, giving you a 360 degree coverage on the issues you care about.

Interested in a more personalized experience? Logged in users get a brand new category called “You” where you can see videos from broadcasters you follow, content that your Facebook friends have been watching, or channels that you previously watched.

With the new preview player on the homepage, you can quickly see if a stream interests you before committing to it. Once you find a good one, click “Expand Video” to dive into the full viewing experience.

The new channel pages are re-designed to give the best experience for the viewer and broadcaster. Users can RSVP to upcoming events, participate in live discussions through the social stream, leave Facebook comments, and follow their favorite broadcasters (note to long-time users: in this new version, the group previously known as your “crowd” are now simply called your “followers”.)

Ever been on the go when you were trying to watch your favorite Ustream show? With the new Ustream mobile site you’ll be able to browse through Ustreams content and keep up with all of your favorite broadcasters

Our team has worked very hard on this new network and we are thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. There will be many great features rolling out in the near future, so stay tuned for more announcements.

– Team Ustream

Bringing Ustream to Facebook Timelines

We’re super excited the be able to announce that we just released a new integration with Facebook Timeline!

Now, you will be able to see what your friends are watching on Facebook, share what you’re watching, and discover great new content on Ustream with friends.

How do you do this? With our easy to use “Ustream Social” feature.

You’ll notice by going to Ustream today that there’s a new Social On/Off switch right at the top. Flip this handy switch on to turn on Ustream Social and reap the benefits.

Now, whenever you watch a channel or video on Ustream, you’ll be able to add it to your Facebook Timeline!  Check it out.

Now, you can see your videos right on your Facebook Timeline.  This is me:

As you can see, I love watching animals, tech, and the US State Department 🙂

Sharing with your Facebook Timeline is always completely optional.  You can choose which videos you want to share, and how often.  Remember, although we help you share, we value your privacy and want to give you as much control as possible.  Hence, you can remove shares from your Facebook Timeline any time.  In addition, you can use Ustream privately any time just by switching off Ustream Social. Plus, Facebook has its own privacy settings where you can set Ustream’s permissions level.

We are super excited about this new integration, and we have some awesome features coming up, so I’m psyched to share those with you soon.  In the meantime, happy sharing!

Welcome to the New Ustream

Hello there Ustreamers, its Jordan from the Product Team. I am very excited to announce the limited beta release of our new site. We’ve dubbed it Ustream Explore to reflect the increased focus on allowing you to quickly explore the best live content from around the world.

Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Ustream provides a simplified experience for viewers and broadcasters. Check out this video to get acquainted with the new layout and features:

We’re releasing this as an opt-in beta so that you, the community, can have a say in its development and evolution. To try it out, you must first log in to your Ustream account. Then look for the blue tab on the right hand side that says Try the New Ustream.

These changes to the site are just the beginning. We have a lot of great new features in the works so stay tuned for future releases!


Introducing… [drum-roll]….Ustream Pro Broadcasting!

The Next Generation of Ad-Free Broadcasting:

Last November, Ustream launched Ad-Free Broadcasting, a simple way for broadcasters to remove ads from their video and channel pages. Since that time, we’ve helped thousands of broadcasters send their message directly to their viewers.  Today, the Ustream Product and Engineering team is excited to announce the next evolution of Ad-Free: Ustream Pro Broadcasting.

With Ustream Pro Broadcasting, users will get all the benefits of an ad-free package with a ton of great new features to customize the broadcasting experience. To top it off, we’re giving away all of these new features for the same price as our previous ad-free plans. Each plan comes with a different set of features, so check the Pro Broadcasting overview to see which package is right for you.

New Pro Broadcasting features:

So what are these awesome new features? Here are just a few of the new benefits that are available!

  • Ad-Free Broadcasting – Ustream Pro Broadcasting packages remove all in-video ads, as well as display ads on your channel page. Each package comes with a set number of “Viewer Hours” (one viewer for an hour, two viewers for half an hour each, etc.  There is a “Viewer Hour Calculator” on the pro broadcasting page to help you decide how much you need)
  • Ustream Extensions –  Extensions is Ustream’s new “widget” framework that will allow you to integrate outside services to increase your social media fanbase, sell products, or just promote yourself with custom banners. Current extensions include Facebook Fan Page Like ButtonTwitter Follow Button, iTunes Promotion, Amazon Promotion, Thumbplay Ring Tones, and Custom Uploaded Banners. We’ll be adding new services in the coming months.
  • Branding: Want to control the look and feel of your broadcast? Co-branding allows you to upload and add your own logo to the Ustream player. Not a fan of the “Ustream Live” logo? Get rid of it with the Full-Branding make the player 100% you!
  • IFrame Access: Subscribers to the Enterprise package will have direct access to three html iframes within the channel page. These iframes allow you to embed banners, maps, widgets, and pretty much anything else you would need to customize your channel
  • Embed Controls: With Embed Restriction, broadcasters who want absolute control over the distribution of their content are able to specify a set of domains where their streams can be embedded. Broadcasters who purchase the enterprise package will also be able to remove their content from the Ustream site by hiding their live channel pages.

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