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Featured Ustreamer of the week: Solar Powered Eagle Cam

If we had to pick one topic that Ustream viewers can’t seem to get enough of, it’s undoubtedly bald eagles. Our nation’s bird never fails to entice, intrigue and keep viewers returning back for more. With love stories, treacherous falls and nest intruders, watching nesting eagles on Ustream is the real reality television.

This week’s Featured Ustreamer is one of our standout eagle cams: Solar Powered Eagle Cam. Located in south central Minnesota and broadcasting live on Ustream for about 3 years, the MN Eagle Cam is 100% solar powered and has a crisp, beautiful picture. The channel made news last year when one of the two eaglets fell 75 ft from the nest and died. A few days later, the remaining eaglet got stuck in the nest and major drama ensued. With nesting season approaching, this is the perfect time to bookmark the MN Eagle Cam.

Below, broadcaster Mark Wegscheid tells us more about MN Eagle Cam’s unique technical set-up, why they like broadcasting on Ustream and the heroic actions that saved the life of the stuck eaglet last year.

What is your favorite thing about broadcasting on Ustream?

The people you get exposed to! We have met absolutely the most wonderful people through this cam! We have a group of wonderful moderators from around the world and the viewers are great!

What makes your broadcast unique?

The first thing that pops out is that it isn’t a typical set up at all. The equipment is located in the middle of a flood plain surrounded by a river; the equipment cabinets are on custom-fabricated stands to hold the equipment above the water level when it floods. We have solar panels  that are also on a similar stand, all custom-made by us in our shop.

The internet is a wireless connection that passes up to 50 meg through the link, allowing us to provide a crisp 1080 picture. The wireless radio is connected to a 2 ft dish that shoots the signal about half a mile from the site to the top of the Hutchinson Co-op’s elevator. From there, it is relayed wirelessly about 7 miles to another tower where yet another 2 ft dish is located about 150 ft in the air. It is then relayed from the tower to the server and to finally to Ustream. The camera itself is pretty cool, too! It is a mechanical PTZ that can zoom almost half a mile; the shots and clarity are incredible!

What’s the best live moment you’ve captured live on your channel?

The best and worse was last year when one of the eaglets fell from the nest and died. A short two days later, the remaining eaglet was stepped on by a parent and pushed into the rain-soaked nest where he became stuck. There were so many people worried about the remaining eaglet that we were issued a special permit by the Department of Natural Resources to go up into the tree and retrieve the eaglet to save his life.

Myself and a climber from the Raptor center went up to the nest and pulled the eaglet from the mucky nest. It was already infested with maggots and would surely have been eaten alive. We brought the eaglet to the Raptor center where they rehydrated him and nursed him back to health. Twenty-four hours later, we went back up to the nest and put the eaglet back in the nest in hopes the parents would come back. Another 24 hours passed and they had not returned, so we were preparing to go up yet again to retrieve the eagle and raise it in captivity. Literally 5 minutes before we were about to head out, we had Ustream up on our 54” monitor and as the sun was setting on the nest, the parents came back!

Everyone yelled and shouted and a few people even cried. It was incredible and I am sure these words don’t do the experience justice. It was all live on Ustream!

What’s the number one tip or word of advice you’d offer to other broadcasters?

Make sure you have good MODs!

Anything else we should know?

We enjoy every minute of it and couldn’t do it without Ustream!

Watch the MN Eagle Cam live now:

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Featured Ustreamer of the week: Owl Channel

Ustream is proud to announce the Featured Ustreamer series, a weekly spotlight on the broadcasters that are such an important part of who we are. Without our broadcasters, we would just be a live video player; they provide the amazing, unique and ever-interesting content that makes Ustream awesome.

For our first post in the series, we are featuring Owl Channel, three 24/7 cam featuring wild barn owls from Southern California. They’re currently awaiting four bouncing baby owlets, making this the perfect time to grab some popcorn and watch the nesting and hatches unfold.

Broadcasters Mike & Angela took some time to talk to us about why they love sharing their owls with the world on Ustream. Check out their interview and some amazing pictures below.

Ustream: How long have you been broadcasting on Ustream? Is this your only channel?

Owl Channel: We have been broadcasting on Ustream for 2 years now. We started out with one channel and now have three: and

U: How did you hear about Ustream? What made you decide to start broadcasting?

OC: We heard about watching live streaming on the Internet from friends and found Ustream. We started broadcasting because we wanted to share the wonderful and amazing footage we were getting with the world.

U: What is your favorite thing about broadcasting on Ustream?

OC: The fact that Ustream provides a means to broadcast live is terrific. If this was a business instead of a hobby for us, we would get a Pro-broadcasting account and broadcast commercial free. I have to mention how awesome the Ustream customer service is. They have been nothing short of outstanding.

U: How has broadcasting on Ustream impacted your community?

OC: Broadcasting on Ustream has enabled a vast online community to get connected using social media. The chat room enables people to communicate in real time as they watch the live streams. From there, external links are provided to share pictures, recorded video, educational information, etc. We ensure the chat is G-rated so people of all ages can enjoy.

U: What makes your broadcast unique?

OC: Our broadcast is unique as we are streaming wild barn owls live from our backyard. We have cameras inside and outside of the nesting box. We see everything they do around the clock. We see them eat prey such as mice, voles, gophers, rats and rabbits. They will regurgitate their prey as pellets and then break it up for nesting. The owls will lay eggs 1 to 3 times a year and then feed and raise the owlets until they leave the nest. We have witnessed many wonderful things here. We have seen a pair of owls meet for the first time, go through a courtship, bond and then have a clutch of owlets.

U: What’s the best live moment you’ve captured live on your channel?

OC: We have many priceless moments since we are live 24/7. It is amazing to watch them eat, lay eggs and fly for the first time. The best moments have to be when we see the eggs hatch, though.

U: What’s the number one tip or word of advice you’d offer to other broadcasters?

OC: The number one tip I have for broadcasters is get a good team of moderators to handle the social stream. We are very fortunate to have top notch team. The chat is always paused unless there is a moderator present to ensure the G-rated standard. The moderators answer questions and provide external links for everyone to follow as well as engage the chatters with interesting conversation.

U: Anything else we should know?

We named the first pair of barn owls that occupied the owl box Bonnie and Clyde. They were followed by the current pair named Roy and Dale. Our website has lots of pictures and information about all of our owls and the clutches they raised and also provides a live streaming page made possible by Ustream. We also have a campaign to raise donations to keep the stream going at

What can you expect from Owl Channel? All sorts of awesomeness. Here’s proof:

Watch Owl Channel live:

Live broadcasting by Ustream

The Rescue Bowl — where every dog wins!

This Sunday just keeps looking better and better for animal lovers — one of our favorite Ustream animal broadcasters, Bill Foundation has just announced that’s the day they’ll be kicking off (get it?) the first-ever Rescue Bowl.

Team Shelter Dogs will go nose-to-nose with Team Street Dogs while Bill Foundation ‘refs’ clad in sporty football jerseys call the plays. As a viewer bonus, a selection of dog ladies promise to glam up the sidelines as cheerleaders. Viewers can also expect half-time surprises.

Of course, all of this adorable action is absolutely free to watch, but those viewers who donate $5 via the Bill Foundation channel page will be able to vote for their favorite team. All donations will go directly towards the Bill Foundation’s efforts to match rescue dogs with their well-deserved forever homes.

Winning team will be announced on Monday morning on facebook. May both teams win!

Being Dan Patrick

Cards on the table. I’m a 49ers fan. A big one. A don’t-even-think-about-talking-to-me during a play type fan. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for this weekend. While my couch has served as a pretty good viewing station this season, I’d rather be watching the game from the Superdome.
That’s where all the best sportscasters are this week, including an up-and-comer named Dan Patrick. And he wants you to join him on his show. Ok, not at the Super Bowl, but sometime very soon.
All you have to do is prove that you’re the next great undiscovered sportscaster. If he agrees, you’ll get the chance to sit side-by-side with him on “The Dan Patrick Show”.
I can’t give you all the details just yet, but here’s what you’ll want to do if you want to get a head start:

1.If you don’t already have a Ustream channel, setup a free account by going to and clicking on Login/Signup.

2.Start thinking about how you can show Dan that you’ve got what it takes to follow in his footsteps. Get creative! Re-cap a game from the night before, preview the Super Bowl, talk about why you think Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA. It’s up to you, just think about ways to stand out.

Continue to check back here in the coming weeks for more details and rules.
Go Niners.

Another groundbreaking world’s first — LIVE on Ustream

Late last night (early morning, local time) thousands of fascinated Ustream viewers looked on as Nina, a pregnant chimpanzee, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  The first-ever live streaming of a chimpanzee birth went off without a hitch and mother and baby are now resting comfortably under the watchful eyes of the entire world.

Nina and her infant will continue to live and stream from a private suite within the Jane Goodall Institute’s South African “Chimp Eden” for the next 30 days — at which point they will be slowly re-introduced to the center’s existing chimpanzee troop. At that point, the new baby will all also be named, although many Ustreamers have unofficially christened him “Squeak.”

The upcoming month is sure to hold many surprises as Nina and her son begin to bond. She’s already proving herself to be quite maternal, despite her being orphaned as a young chimp. (For more on Nina’s story, click here)

Nina and the new arrival:

Video streaming by Ustream

Inauguration Central on Ustream

If you can’t be in Washington on Monday (or just want to stay warm), Ustream is your online home for live coverage of the 57th Presidential Inauguration. It’ll be deep. It’ll be dynamic. It’ll be historic.

Here’s what our news partners and citizen reporters have in the works. Streams start this weekend with festivities, on-the-ground reports and some protests. Check back for updates and follow @UstreamNewsAll times are in Eastern Standard Time.


“Out of Many: A Multicultural Festival of Music, Dance and Story” hosted by the National Museum of the American Indian. A three-day festival to commemorate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Featuring daily performances of live music, dancing and storytelling in the museum from a variety of cultural traditions.

Friday, Jan 18 — 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sat, Jan. 19 — 10:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Sun, Jan. 20 — 11 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Click here for detailed festival lineup

MLK Day of Service – Unite America in Service Event on Sat, Jan 19.  Thousands of volunteers will gather at the DC Armory to assemble care kits for deployed military and their families. Journalist Jenni Hogan will be helping and streaming live exclusively on Ustream starting 4 p.m.

Official presidential swearing-in. Sun, Jan. 20. Approximately 11:45 a.m. CBS News and  WSJ Live will carry a live feed of President Barack Obama taking the oath of office. Because Jan. 20 falls on a Sunday, the public ceremony will be held the following day.

Additional coverage by CBS on Sunday includes Vice President Joe Biden’s swearing-in at 8:10 a.m., followed by a wreath-laying at Arlington Cemetery at 9 a.m. In the evening, the president and vice president attend a candlelight event at the National Building Museum.

Also on Sunday is America’s Sunday SupperJenni Hogan will go live at this star-studded event held at the United States Institute of Peace to inspire dialogue. Speakers include General Colin Powell, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Smithsonian 2013 Inauguration Cam. Live camera of the Capitol and National Mall that will broadcast 24-7 through Monday.


Politico Live. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Live coverage of the swearing-in ceremony, mixed with rich analysis and insight from the Politico team. Featuring Jim VandeHei, John F. Harris, Maggie Haberman, Mike Allen, Lois Romano, Juana Summers and more.

The White House. Live all day starting 9 a.m. Coverage kicks off with video highlights, with the swearing-in ceremony taking place around 12:30 p.m. The channel will then stream a highlight loop until the parade begins at approximately 3:30 p.m.

CBS News. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Full coverage of the day’s events starting with the third hour of CBS This Morning. Details to come.


The Wall Street Journal. Special live coverage from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jerry Seib, Wendy Bounds and Simon Constable lead an all-star lineup of guests to analyze the historic event. The lineup includes Sen. Charles Schumer, presidential historians Douglas Brinkley and Richard Shenkman, Sen. John Barrasso and more.

PBS NewsHour. Live broadcast with anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. Coverage includes President Obama traveling to and from The White House, all events on Capitol Hill, the parade, views of Lafayette Park. Details and schedule to come.

U.S. Department of State. Live coverage starts at 10 a.m. and includes the swearing-in ceremony with a view from the National Mall. Following the oath of office, President Barack Obama will give his inaugural address, setting out his vision for America and goals for the nation.

Newseum. All-day inauguration fun starting 10 a.m. Featuring hosts Sonya Gavankar and Frank Bond. Segments include inauguration trivia, JFK, behind-the-scenes with broadcasters, early-morning prep and interviews with VIPs. The festivities continue after the swearing-in ceremony with humorous presidential stories and a “Who’s your favorite Hollywood president?” contest.

League of Young Voters. Live exclusive coverage and analysis starts around 9 a.m. and continues until about 30 minutes after the president’s swearing-in ceremony. Lineup includes both political commentators and man-on-the-street interviews.



Citizen streamers will hit the ground in Washington, D.C. to document the Inauguration as they see it. Raw, unfilterd and real. Expect rallies and protests, scenes of massive crowds and of course, the unexpected. Below are some Ustreamers who plan to go live from the nation’s capital on Monday:

Bill Foundation hosts live adoption event

Ustream Animals and Wildlife is home to a wide variety of animal streams from household pets to wild animal streams alike. Though we love them all equally, there is a special place in our hearts for our shelter, rescue and adoption groups that use Ustream as a means to get others involved in their cause and find animals loving homes.

This Sunday, one of these broadcasters, Los Angeles-based rescue organization Bill Foundation,  is holding the first ever live rescue event from Healthy Spot in Santa Monica, from 11am-3pm PST.

Bill Foundation will feature 4-5 dogs at a time (with a roughly 30-35 dogs to be featured), and will rotate new dogs in and out over the 4 hours so everyone gets a moment in the spotlight.

Volunteers will be chatting live through the Ustream chat and will share stories about each dog’s rescue, their personality and the like. They’ll also be discussing the joys of fostering and volunteering for Bill Foundation and animal rescue.

While most dogs will be adopted locally in Los Angeles, Bill Foundation makes exceptions for excellent applicants. These applicants will be required to visit Los Angeles in person and be willing to allow a local rescue to do a home check.

Bill Foundation will also be accepting donations through the PayPal link on their channel page as a means to continue doing their fabulous rescue work.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

The miracle of life — LIVE on Ustream Animals

Nine years ago in the Congo Basin, an infant chimpanzee looked on as its mother was brutally massacred by poachers. Today, that same chimp rests safe inside the Goodall Institute’s Chimp Eden sanctuary, ready to give birth herself, as the entire world watches.

This chimpanzee’s sad beginning is far too common, as thousands of the species are killed each year, victims of the bush meat trade. Although poachers will usually spare the lives of the very youngest chimpanzees, even if they survive their early years these orphans are often doomed to a life of misery and abuse as illegally kept pets. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jane Goodall, the world’s leading primatologist, supporters and volunteers, the young female chimp now known as Nina escaped this fate. After first being kept in a Sudan zoo, she was rescued and removed to the animal sanctuary Chimpanzee Eden. Nestled within the Umhloti Nature Reserve, it is the first and only chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa dedicated to rehabilitating rescued chimpanzees.

As in most rescue centers, Chimpanzee Eden has a strict no-breeding policy, but somehow Nina’s contraceptive implant malfunctioned (hey, it happens.) After much careful consideration, the Institute has decided to share this rare event with the world. Filmed around the clock, special care has been taken to ensure that the filming process does not disturb Nina.

Now in maternal isolation and due to go in to labor any moment — the story won’t end here. Because Nina was deprived of both a normal chimp childhood and chimpanzee mother role models, it’s not known if she will accept her infant once it is born, or if it will need to be hand-raised by Chimpanzee Eden staff. Watch events as they unfold and join Ustream Animals for this awareness (and eyebrow)-raising internet first.

Check out the birth watch: 

Free desktop streaming application by Ustream

Follow the Twitter conversation about Nina on #ninachimpbirth and donate to Jane Goodall Institute South Africa Chimpanzee Eden Sanctuary.

Not scheduling events? You’re missing out.

If you’re broadcasting, you probably want people to watch. And if you want people to watch, you have to tell them when you’re going to go live. Creating an event is a great way to do this. It lets you communicate your programming with not only your followers and fans, but with people who may randomly stumble across your channel.

Being able to tell the world when you’re broadcasting by creating an event allows a one-click RSVP to the event, sending them an alert 60 minutes before the event goes live. Letting people know and alerting them before you go live has the potential to increase viewership and the broadcast’s success rate. Additionally, you can share your event with the Ustream content team at The content team may choose to schedule it into Ustream’s “Upcoming” page or place the event on the home page or one of the four main sub pages for further exposure.

Here’s how you create an event — like the screen shot above:

  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Click “Channel”.
  • Some of you may have more than one channel so make sure you choose the correct channel for which you want to create an event. Once you choose the channel, click “Events” in the subset categories.
  • You’ll then see “Schedule a New Event”. Click it!

  • Fill out the fields in the box that pops up. You’ll need a title, date, length (up to four hours), if it repeats, the time zone (double check!), and a description of the event.
  • When the event is created it will show up on your channel page below your channel info under the headline “Upcoming Shows.”

  • Self promotion! Even after you create your event be sure to promote it through your social networks. Tell people about your events, regularly update them, and keep your followers and fans updated on your programming. Planning and programming are key to creating a viewer habit and a viewer habit is key to a successful broadcaster.


ASUtv — Arizona State University Television

Arizona State University Television broadcasts a variety of programs from news to sports to even vintage movies. Yes, vintage movies! Because it broadcasts so much, ASUtv is using scheduled events as a “TV Guide” to plan and promote its programming. ASUtv currently has nearly a half million views and 750 followers.

Have a question about broadcasting? Want us to tackle something specific? Have an idea to improve the Ustream experience? Tell us.


Tech and gadgets galore at CES 2013


Ustream is your online home for the best live CES coverage. Our partners have an amazing lineup planned, so be sure to tune in Jan. 6-11 for all latest in tech, gadgets, gaming, celebrity appearances and more.

Don’t miss your favorite events. Click on the individual channel links to RSVP. All times are Pacific Standard Time.






Panasonic Live @CES


IDG News Service

IDG, the company that publishes PC World, Macworld and Computerworld, begins coverage of CES on Jan. 5. Tune in to IDG’s 24-7 Tech News Channel for the latest news, interviews and scenes from the show floor.


WSJ Live











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