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Do You Know Who is Watching Your Videos?

Do You Know Who is Watching Your Videos?

Do you know who is watching your videos?

We created IBM Enterprise Video Streaming because we heard from customers who were looking for an easy-to-use and secure way to have live meetings and share videos with their employees. It’s now used everyday by thousands of users for all-hands meetings, sales trainings, focus groups and employee training.

One of the key requirements for these use cases is the ability to track who watched what content. To address that, we have introduced viewer tracking. This works on a per user basis. To see a demo, watch our Video Best Practices for Your Internal Communication Strategy webinar which concludes with showcasing the platform and this feature.

Ustream security update on “Heartbleed”

On Monday, April 7th, 2014 a security vulnerability was disclosed in a software library called OpenSSL. Ustream, along with most of today’s major Internet services, relies on OpenSSL to encrypt and secure web traffic and private customer data. This vulnerability (identified as CVE-2014-0160; also known as Heartbleed) allows an attacker to remotely access the memory contents of servers running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL and potentially access sensitive data, including security keys, usernames and passwords.

The name “Heartbleed” comes from the particular section of the OpenSSL codebase affected by this bug, the Transport Layer Security “heartbeat” implementation. The piece of code responsible for the “heartbeat” section of the protocol leaks (or bleeds) memory to the network when an attacker sends a carefully crafted network package.

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