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10/17/08 Get Higher Quality!

We just released our Flash Media Encoder integration! Now, any Ustream user can produce higher quality Ustream broadcasts with Flash Media Encoder. For those of you who are not yet familiar, Flash Media Encoder (FME) uses cutting edge codes to produce professional-quality audio and video broadcasts.

Coupling FME’s encoding power with Ustream’s robust broadcast console is the perfect solution for users seeking both high quality streams and powerful interactive features.

Ustream’s FME Broadcast Console allows users to:
* Start and stop their FME broadcasts
* Create FME broadcast recordings
* Add customized graphic overlays to their FME broadcasts
* Add polls
* Invite cohosts

Click here to get started or learn more about using FME.

New Feature: My Feeds!

The release of “My Feeds” marks the beginning of the second phase of Ustream’s site revamp.  The first phase was our new look.  The second phase is revamping our social networking infrastructure — basically how relationships are formed and managed on the site.  “Friends” and “Watchlist” have been retired, in favor of “Followers/Following” and “My Feeds.”  We think Followers/Follwing is a better way to characterize the relationships being formed within the community and captures the dynamic nature of Ustream more accurately than Friend relationships.

What’s Changed?

None of your Friends relationships or Watchlists have been lost.  Watchlists and Friends have both been migrated over to My Feeds.  Watchlist items have been turned into Ustreamers you’re Following in “My Feeds” and Friend relationships have been turned into reciprocal Follower/Following relationships.

How Does it Work?

Following a user on Ustream means you are electing to receive notifications about that user’s Ustream activities — when he starts a broadcast, records a video, creates an event, or starts Following another user.  You can “Follow” a user by going to his show page or profile page and clicking the “Follow” button.  After doing so, the user will start appearing in your “My Feeds” page.

You can see all the Ustreamers and Events you’re Following by going to your “My Feeds” page.  Your “My Feeds” page also displays recent activity from each of the Ustreamers you are Following.  Furthermore, on your “My Feeds” page, you can “Set Feed Preferences,” which allows you to specify what notifications you want to receive.  Currently, you can specify which notifications you would like sent to your Ustream Message Box.  In the future, however, you will also be able to set notification settings for email, IM, SMS, so be sure to look out for that!

Be sure to send us feedback about MyFeeds.  We’re always interested in hearing from users.  Please send all Product Feedback to

Major Release: A New Ustream!

New Look!  New Homepage!  Broadcaster Overlays!  Broadcaster Metrics!  Out with the old and in with the new.  In addition to unveiling two brand new features,  we’ve given the overall site a new look and feel.

New Look!

New Navigation

We’ve implemented a new header with drop down menus for easier navigation.  In addition, we’ve added “Live” and “Upcoming” buttons so users can, at any moment, get caught up on what’s going on now and what events are coming up.

New Favicon

You’ve also probably noticed that we have a new favicon to reflect our new look!  Look out for it in your browsers!

New Homepage

In addition to revamping the overall look, we’ve added new items to the homepage:

Announcements section

Announcements will keep everyone up-to-date on all Ustream developments — big events, new releases, and anything else an inquiring Ustreamer mind would want to know.  Be sure to check in regularly to find out what’s going on at Ustream (note:  you can also subscribe to this section via RSS.)

Upcoming Events

The dynamic nature of live often makes it challenging to tune in at the right time, so we’ve implemented a new feature to keep viewers updated:  an Upcoming section.  This section will list the most interesting broadcaster events upcoming on Ustream — from Barack Obama’s next campaign appearance to Rhett and Link’s next episode.  Dates and times will be provided to ensure that viewers never miss out on an event.

Want your Event to show up in this Upcoming section?  Then make sure to go into your “My Shows” and schedule an event!

Follow Us On Twitter

Get all your info through Twitter?  Well, now you can get Ustream updates via Twitter by clicking our “Follow Us On Twitter” button in the upper right.  Be sure to look out for our Tweets!

Flash Overlays!

You asked for them and we delivered.  Now anyone can have a professional looking Ustream broadcast without having to use a third-party application.  With our new Text Overlay feature, you can add scrolling text, lower third nametags, or any other text you can imagine.  You can also hyperlink text, so users can click on them in the video player.

With our new YouTube overlay feature, you can add any YouTube video directly to your broadcast.  Once you’ve selected the YouTube video you want to overlay, you can cue them up and play them at any point during your show.

(Be sure to look out for Image, RSS, and Chat overlays in the next few weeks!)

Broadcaster Metrics!

Want to get viewer statistics for your shows?  Well, now you can see metrics for all your Ustream broadcasts!  Simply login then go into your “My Shows” page and click the “Metrics” tab.  In addition to viewing your Metrics, you’ll be able to email and export them.

We’ll be adding more metrics in the future, so look out for those.

The Next Few Weeks

In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out even more new features.  This release was just the tip of the iceberg.  So stay tuned and check in regularly for all the newest Ustream developments.

Wednesday – New Features Release!

Attention all Ustreamers,

We have new toys for you to play with! In addition to making a few site improvements, today we rolled out a brand new feature: Event Scheduling!


Ustreamers can now schedule a broadcasting Event for a specific date and time. Once an Event is scheduled, the Event will appear on the Ustreamer’s show page, where interested viewers will be able to click “Follow” to start receiving notifications about the event. Event Followers will be sent reminders of upcoming Events via email and the Ustream message box, in addition to being notified if the Event is rescheduled or canceled. Pretty cool. Now, you’ll never miss out on another live broadcast again!



In addition to the new Event Scheduling feature, we’ve updated and improved a few other features:


The new Sharing and Embedding Tool is a sleeker, simpler, and more STREAM-lined (get it?) version of the previous one.

In addition to being able to easily email and embed Ustream shows, Ustreamers can now quickly Digg, Twitter, and Stumbleupon interesting shows with a single click.



Ustream is going mainstream! Check out our updated About Us section to see Ustream Founders Brad Hunstable and John Ham being interviewed on Fox Business. (If you watch closely, you’ll see some of the Ustream team showing off our cool interactive features.)



We’ve given our Help Center a new look and added Top Frequently Asked Questions! With clear annotated pictures and bullet-point troubleshooting instructions, these Top Frequently Asked Questions address the most commonly encountered issues on Ustream. Be sure to send them to anyone you know trying out Ustream for the first time.


New Features!

Login and Signup

We updated our login and registration process to make it easier for registered Ustream users to login and start their broadcasts, and for new users to sign up for a Ustream account. Another cool thing we added was OpenID capability. Users will now have the option of logging in with their OpenID or their Ustream username.


Twitter Tab

Tweet tweet tweet….We have added a Twitter tab to the broadcaster console. Broadcasters will now be able to log into their Twitter account and send out tweets right from the Ustream broadcaster console, making it easier for broadcasters to keep their Followers updated on their Ustream activities.


Direct to YouTube

Want to send your Ustream recorded video straight to your YouTube account right after you recorded it? Now you can because we’ve added a “Save to YouTube” button to the broadcaster console. After linking a YouTube account to your Ustream account in the My Profile section, you’ll be able to send your Ustream recorded videos to YouTube right after you’ve recorded it.


Larger Video Players

They are bigger! Enough said.

About Us

We have also updated our About Us section with a few new bits of info and a new look. Please feel free to peruse it to find out more about Ustream as a company.

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