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The New HR Streaming Video Toolkit

The New HR Streaming Video Toolkit

The future of human resources, from hiring to training and on-boarding, is getting a digital overhaul. The credit goes to HR streaming video use cases, improving scale and time efficiency. And for young jobseekers, that’s great news.

More than 50% of employees are applying online using a mobile device, says Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany, a Boston-based talent management firm. And according to a new survey by HR software firm Yello, 85% of respondents appreciate the use of text messages in the hiring process, and 76% feel positively about video interviews.

“There is no question that this generation’s use of mobile, video and text is pervasive now and will only continue to increase in popularity,” says Dan Bartfield, co-founder and president of Yello.

One trend is clear: The digital tools today’s job seekers are using in their everyday lives are rewriting the rules for HR. In turn, human resources departments are using video to transform their processes. In fact, 79% of organizations plan to use video for HR and corporate communications, equipping themselves to better break down geographic barriers and serve a large, worldwide workforce.

Video Terms Glossary: Definitions & Acronyms

Video Terms Glossary: Definitions & Acronyms

A streaming media and video terms glossary that contains definitions of acronyms, technologies and techniques. The definitions are related to live streaming, broadcasting, video hosting and compression.

These video terms are relevant for both new techniques and legacy methods, which still have ramifications today when handling older media. There is a larger emphasis for online video applications, although a few terms which have roots in older methodology and processes. The glossary will be continuously updated as the industry evolves. If you are looking more for some tips on executing these terms, check out these 5 Pro Tips for Video Production.

# | A | B | C | D | EH | IJ | K | L | MO | P | R | S | T | U | V | W

How to Embed Video Into a Website

How to Embed Video Into a Website

Want to know how to embed video into a website? Looking for a rundown of some of the many options available for video embedding?

This article covers how to embed a video, both live and on-demand content. It also discusses many of the features through combined and playlist embeds. This includes emphasis on the updated solutions from IBM Cloud Video, which have been recently expanded with the ability to embed video chapter navigation and playlists into websites through combined embeds. To see the process of creating these improved, combined embed code, also be sure to register for our Getting Started with IBM Cloud Video demo.

How to Live Stream Presentation Slides

How to Live Stream Presentation Slides

Want to learn more about how to live stream presentation slides?

This article discusses how to add a presentation slides to a live stream, use cases and tips for creating engaging broadcasts that include a slide deck. It mentions both methods for broadcasting through an encoder to discussing a new feature on IBM Cloud Video that can allow content owners to upload and include slides inside the platform.

Want to see this explained in webinar instead? If so, register for a live demo.

Internal Communication Tools and Best Practices

Internal Communication Tools and Best Practices

Looking for some best practices around using internal communication tools?

This article walks through some tips and advice for crafting an internal communication strategy. Topics covered range from collaboration tools to a strong focus on internal video solutions as well. It also emphasizes the importance of the ability to have communication that can be not only archived, but also in a search friendly manner as well to improve ROI (return on investment).

For those looking for strategies specific to video, download this Using Video for Internal Corporate Communications, Training & Compliance white paper.

Video Access Control for an Enterprise Video Platform

Video Access Control for an Enterprise Video Platform

Looking for more ways to restrict access to a video within your corporate video portal?

IBM Cloud Video has introduced a video access control feature that allows the management of assets on a per video basis within an enterprise account. This can permit different access levels, be it for pre-approval or to very select individuals, while also including a notification system over email to relay when access has been granted.

This can function as part of a larger component of an overall internal communications strategy. For those who want to learn about optimizing their internal comms, download this Using Video for Internal Corporate Communications, Training & Compliance white paper.

Video Marketing Software with Lead Generation

Video Marketing Software with Lead Generation

Looking for video marketing software with lead generation capabilities?

This article talks about how important video marketing can be for a variety of use cases. It then dives into important features for these use cases from video marketing software as a service (SAAS) solutions in the cloud. These features range from integrated CTAs, to lead generation and prospect tracking as well.

For more advice on video marketing use cases, also be sure to download our How to Increase Conversions with Online Video white paper. For brand and retail marketing use cases, watch this Live Video Inspiration Webcast with Brandlive, a live video platform solution for marketing.

Enterprise Video Search and Discoverability with Watson

Enterprise Video Search and Discoverability

Data from a Wainhouse Research report shows that 27% of enterprises that are over 500 employees are adding at least 25 hours of on-demand video content to their archives each month. This explosion of content is proving key for applications like training and educating a workforce, or used as collateral to engage prospects. However, with these growing archives also comes with it a challenge of discovery, of being able to quickly locate relevant content when needed.

One way to address this challenge, though, is by improving overall content discoverability. This can be achieved through implementing a sophisticated enterprise video search and improving metadata for your video assets, ideally though methods that don’t also increase the time commitment to managing the video archive. This article talks about ways to improve asset discovery, why it should be something to strive for, and discusses recent updates using IBM Watson that are aimed at addressing these needs.

IBM and FOX Sports Team Up to Enhance Sports Viewing Experience with AI Technology

IBM and FOX Sports Team Up to Enhance Sports Viewing Experience with AI Technology

As fans around the world get ready to head to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup this June, FOX Sports and IBM are launching a historical AI collaboration across multiple FOX Sports properties and programming— the first of its kind for the broadcaster.

Beginning with the 2018 FIFA World Cup, FOX Sports is tapping IBM Watson Media’s specialized AI video technology and IBM iX’s proven expertise in designing user experiences to streamline production workflows to quickly classify, edit and access match highlights in near real-time. The advancements to production and distribution will enable FOX Sports to curate engaging video clips and match highlights so that sports enthusiasts back home don’t miss a single play, penalty kick, or goal.

Enhanced Professional Plans and Sunsetting Free Streaming

Enhanced Professional Plans and Sunsetting Ad Supported Streaming

On September 17th, 2018, IBM Cloud Video (formerly Ustream) will be sunsetting free streaming.

As part of this change, your free account will no longer be able to broadcast or have viewers watch your content.

To keep your videos and access to our video streaming platform, please upgrade to a paid plan before August 1. This will also provide you with lots of premium features.

If you decide not to upgrade, please make sure to download all of your videos and data, because you will not be able to log in and use our product starting August 1st. Normally content remains on free accounts to be watched and downloaded for 30 days, but after August 1st you will not be able to log in and download these stored videos nor will they be watchable by viewers.

See plans and features

Note: The plans and pricing page will be updated on August 1st to match the upgraded plans described in this blog post.

In addition, the Watch and Discovery experience, found at, will be retired as part of this transition. That will happen in September, after free streaming has been shut down. This will not impact individual channel pages, which will still exist.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. IBM Cloud Video will be improving the professional plans to include a greater array of features, increased video storage and expanding the number of channels per account. You can read about these features should you choose to upgrade or sign up for a plan in the near future.

[note: free streaming has been extended to September 17th, 2018, from its original sunset date of August 1st]

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