LiveAd – The Ultimate Game Changer for Advertisers


The future of online video advertising is changing before our eyes, as advertisers seek technology solutions to reach consumers in more interactive and engaging ways. Video ads in general are even more successful when live content is included, in comparison to video-on-demand (VOD). Ustream, the leader in the live video space, introduced LiveAd last year, a game-changing advertising solution for brands and companies that fuses live video and traditional display advertising.

Live streaming video by Ustream

What is LiveAd?

LiveAd provides the most engaging advertising units out there: It’s is a highly interactive ad format, available for all Pro Broadcasting Plan users. This fusion of digital advertising and live video delivers engaging messaging to any number of viewers across all platforms.

How does LiveAd work?

LiveAd places the broadcaster’s content (live or recorded video) in an interactive IAB standard ad unit, and then publishes this unit in a variety of high-traffic websites across the internet. The system allows broadcasters and marketers to create guaranteed audiences of almost any size for their live events. Ustream works with several big advertising and publishing partners, including Yahoo, MSN, Techcrunch, Engadget and Huffington Post.

Benefits of using LiveAd:

Live video is certainly cool and a neat technical feature. No other video platform makes it so easy to conceive, stream, and target viewers. With LiveAd you have the freedom to drive targeted viewership to your channel or create a complete viewing experience in the ad itself.

Pinpoint Targeting and Brand Safe System:

With LiveAd your potential audience is limitless, it can scale from a few hundred thousand to as many as twenty million viewers. Broadcasters can expand their global reach and target specific demographics as placing ads in appropriate and well-matched websites, through Ustream’s massive global syndication network. Plan reaching viewers by demographic or behavior and even retargeting them on different sites—just like with any other online ad service.

Interactive and Innovative ad

LiveAds are not just for viewing video: audiences engage by rolling over, clicking-through, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, entering text and controlling playback. You can easily share live experiences and amplify online marketing strategy to increase viewership and engagement among users.

Detailed Analytics

LiveAd allows you to get detailed reports on your viewers and analyze their activity in real-time. Get numbers on total viewership, playback time and social impressions.

How companies use LiveAd?

Several big companies like HBO, Cisco, Sony are already taking advantage of the power of Ustream’s LiveAd unit to connect with audiences in real time across any device. LiveAd offers high interaction rates and shows up to 200 times greater exposure for Ustream customers compared to recorded video playback on their video platforms.

When we talk about audience reach and engagement the numbers show that campaigns result in 10 times higher spikes in viewership. With an average interaction rate as high as 15% and average viewing times of 12 minutes Live Ad drives exceptional results. For example at the launch of Sony’s PS4, viewers watched for an average 24 minutes and the company has reached over 8 million users peak and 1 million in concurrent users.

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