Meet two new incredible Enterprise features: Combined Embed and Custom Sharing

Combined Embed

Live-streaming is becoming the dominant method for delivering online video, but how can you harness the power of live video and turn the passive content consumption experience into something more active? The answer is easy: combining your video player with the social chat function — not only on the Ustream channel page, but also on your own website as well. Live video streams are a win-win way for your brand or campaign to go viral through social channels, and now you can drive all the attention directly to your site.

The new Combined Embed feature combines the Video Player and sidebar (with your chat / archived videos), allowing you to put it all on your native website in one package. This then allows viewers to stay on your page, even while browsing through previously recorded videos.


The new Combined Embed was also developed with a responsive layout that follows the size of the screen (a feature available for any browser with CSS3 Media Queries support). Adding a full-feature embed to unify the user experience for PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets has never been so easy.

President Barack Obama was the first person who realized the importance of this feature and used it for his 2012 election campaign. This was an early version we built specifically for this event, but now we’ve unleashed this to our entire enterprise community. His successful campaign is one of the many examples of how combined embed can drive viewership to your content.


Custom Sharing

The new wave of digital media combines traditional broadcasting and social media, providing immediate news and knowledge to audiences everywhere. Connecting your video player to social media platforms is essential, as Facebook and Twitter integration helps reach broader audiences and allows users to engage with your content through Shares, Likes or Comments on their social platforms.

In November 2013 Ustream launched the new Custom Sharing feature, also available for Enterprise Pro Broadcasting users. This tool helps users customize their social sharing options on their channels and reach targeted audiences with their message.


The new Custom Sharing feature allows broadcasters to personalize the default messaging when viewers share streams from within the viewer. Ultimately, this gives broadcasters more control over their messaging. With Custom Sharing, broadcasters can:

  • Set different messages and links for Facebook and Twitter
  • Turn off one or another (or both)
  • Choose to remove the Share menu from the viewer altogether

At the moment, Custom Share settings only pertain to live content; recorded videos will not inherit the share settings of the channel. Turning off sharing options or using personalized links will not affect the videos.

Facebook messages are unlimited in length, and will be displayed as shared links on Facebook. Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters (including message and link), and the link is added to the end of the message by default.

To check out how companies are taking advantage of this feature check out Animal Planet Live! or

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