The release of “My Feeds” marks the beginning of the second phase of Ustream’s site revamp.  The first phase was our new look.  The second phase is revamping our social networking infrastructure — basically how relationships are formed and managed on the site.  “Friends” and “Watchlist” have been retired, in favor of “Followers/Following” and “My Feeds.”  We think Followers/Follwing is a better way to characterize the relationships being formed within the community and captures the dynamic nature of Ustream more accurately than Friend relationships.

What’s Changed?

None of your Friends relationships or Watchlists have been lost.  Watchlists and Friends have both been migrated over to My Feeds.  Watchlist items have been turned into Ustreamers you’re Following in “My Feeds” and Friend relationships have been turned into reciprocal Follower/Following relationships.

How Does it Work?

Following a user on Ustream means you are electing to receive notifications about that user’s Ustream activities — when he starts a broadcast, records a video, creates an event, or starts Following another user.  You can “Follow” a user by going to his show page or profile page and clicking the “Follow” button.  After doing so, the user will start appearing in your “My Feeds” page.

You can see all the Ustreamers and Events you’re Following by going to your “My Feeds” page.  Your “My Feeds” page also displays recent activity from each of the Ustreamers you are Following.  Furthermore, on your “My Feeds” page, you can “Set Feed Preferences,” which allows you to specify what notifications you want to receive.  Currently, you can specify which notifications you would like sent to your Ustream Message Box.  In the future, however, you will also be able to set notification settings for email, IM, SMS, so be sure to look out for that!

Be sure to send us feedback about MyFeeds.  We’re always interested in hearing from users.  Please send all Product Feedback to

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