New Features: New + Improved Channel Pages, Check-In & Chat

Hi fellow Ustreamers,

Today we released a new + improved Channel page. You’ll notice a sleeker and friendlier design across the board. Improvements touch on all aspects of the page from the Social Stream to the Recommended Live Show pane. I’m sure you’ll dig the changes – whether you’re a broadcaster or a viewer!

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Here are the top highlights of the new Channel Page:

Check-in & Chat with Ease

  • Improved log-in makes it easier to begin chatting
  • Share your chats more easily with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AIM
  • Log into Ustream, chat and choose when to syndicate your messages to the Social Stream
  • See more of the conversation in Social Stream and Chats with one click of the “more” button [clear here]

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New Title Bars!

We’ve brought the same dynamic title bar found on featured streams on the category page to everyone’s channel page. Here are some of the key features:

  • Channel Picture, with live ribbon to inform viewers when live
  • Custom Event Titles displayed for scheduled events
  • Join Crowd, Tweet, and Facebook ‘Like’ buttons are now above the video player

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iFrames for Premium Members

A total of three new iFrames allow premium broadcasters greater flexibility in both the design and the functionality of their channel page.  Potential uses include:

  • Custom large channel banner at the top of the Channel Page
  • In-channel Stores for monetization
  • Links to Broadcasters other webpages

What’s Next

We’re working hard on similar improvements for our recorded video and user pages.  Look for these changes in the upcoming weeks.  Please send feedback and suggestions to

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