Video Broadcasting Software: The New Producer 7

Video Broadcasting Software Producer 7

Ustream is happy to announce the launch of Ustream Producer 7, the latest version of our robust video broadcasting software. The program is a full featured encoder that offers virtually everything you need for a professional live production while offering an ease of use interface. Functionality includes multi-camera switching, the ability to manage layers (overlaying text or graphics), social feeds, chroma key capabilities, screen share options, and the ability to broadcast in high definition.

The latest version of the encoder offers both new functionality and the feature set of past iterations, but with improved stability. Part of this includes reduced CPU usage from the program, reducing the need to upgrade equipment and offering enhanced performance on existing setups. New functions introduced to the encoder include ISO recording and alternative workflow solutions. Read on for highlights on these features and release notes to track all the changes compared to the prior iteration of the encoder.

New Feature: ISO Recording

Video Broadcasting Software Lower ThirdsOne of the more exciting new features from Ustream Producer 7 is the addition of ISO recording. This feature, an abbreviation of isolated recording, creates clean versions from your video workflow. For example, if you are adding lower thirds to a video to denote the name and title of someone, as being done in the image to the right, the ISO recording could save a version without the text overlaid.  The feature gives editors two versions to work with, and the ability to go back and manage the clean version. Use cases could be as simple as:

  • wanting to improve the aesthetics
  • correcting errors, such as an incorrect title
  • utilizing clean video as part of highlight reels

This feature is only available from Ustream Producer Pro. It is not available in the Studio edition.

New Feature: Shot Editor Panel

Ustream Producer 7 also includes with it an easy way to manage shot editor panel. This is used in conjuncture with the normal shot and layer process inside the software encoder.

Located on the left side of the encoder, the shot editor panel allows broadcasters to order layers within a shot. More powerfully, though, the feature lets broadcasters make visible or hide layers within a shot on the fly. For example, someone can overlay a transparent png image that would contain a graphic relevant to the topic being discussed. This shot layer could be quickly toggled off or another toggled on if, for example, there are a series of png images with each to represent a topic being discussed. The main benefit is through introducing another method to manage the video content, aiding in speeding up the workflow depending on the type of content being created.

Please note that keying up these layer changes is done through pushing the preview area to the live area. This accommodates minor editing before end viewers can detect the changes through seeing a staging shot. It also allows for smooth or abrupt transitions between alterations as well.

Video Broadcasting Software Shot Editor Panel

New Feature: Text Tool

Video Broadcasting Software Text ToolProducer 7 also greatly expands upon the text options available to content creators. This includes robust edit options for sources that can be live based, file based (.txt files supported), or rss based.

Broadcasters can add a single or multiple text sources to a single layer inside the encoder. Transition effects, such as fade or drop in/out, are available along with ways to control the speed of the transition. Text can also be set to scroll, either all the time or just if the text is too long for the available box size. Content owners can manage both the speed of the scrolling text, direction and also if they want it to “auto reverse” back and forth.

Rich text editing options are also available that include being able to manage:

  • Font selection
  • Font size (in points or using pre-selected sizes)
  • Font weight (100-900 scale)
  • Font style (italic or oblique options)
  • Font variant (small caps option)

The text box utilized can be managed as well, including setting the dimensions to scale with the text (default) or be fixed. The background color on the box can be edited through a color wheel or through entering in a RGB value, while text inside can be aligned or justified.

Release Notes: New Enhancements

Below is a full list of the new enhancements that were added to Ustream Producer 7 versus prior versions of the video broadcasting software. This release note list is all encompassing. It covers major feature additions like ISO recording to alterations to the available hot key functionality.

  • ISO recording from live capture sources – Ustream Producer Pro only (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Shot Editor Panel workflow (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • New Text tool featuring live text, RSS feeds and reading from text files, scrolling text (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • General stability improvements and decreased CPU usage (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • All sources use “Scale To Fit” by default (Mac & Windows)
  • Added additional default encoder presets (Mac and Windows)
  • Incremental numbers added for all “Text” sources (Mac and Windows)
  • Added tooltip that displays full source name in the “Audio Mixer”(Mac and Windows)
  • Added ability to update a single Replay Shot OR create new Replay Shots.
  • UI enhancements including Edit­In­Preview with integrated Shot Inspector (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Playlist changed to a new tabbed interface (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Shots inside of a Playlist now display a progress bar (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added Shuffle Playlist functionality (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added the ability to apply duration changes to all Shots within a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added “.” and “,” hotkeys for moving between Shots within a Playlist (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added default duration setting for Shots added to a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Global Hotkey Manager (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Video delay for individual live video sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Audio delay for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Re­designed Audio Mixer user interface (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added Panning to Audio Mixer (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Selective audio monitor toggle for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Source channel selection for live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Audio output interface selection (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • GPU accelerated color correction (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Re­designed title system (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Customizable Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Broadcast and recording statistics overlay in Direct3D 9 games (Windows)
  • Solid Color source (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Toggle to display System CPU usage or Application CPU usage (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added support for RGB video input from BlackMagic capture cards (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added 24 FPS Canvas Frame Rate option (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added support for Animated GIF playback (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • GPU accelerated H.264 encoder via Intel® QuickSync Video, NVIDIA® NVENC and Apple® Video Toolbox H.264 (Mac OS X & Windows)

For specifics on the GPU accelerated encoding:

  • Intel QuickSync Video encoding requires an Intel CPU with an Intel® QuickSync Video core, with a full list available here.
  • NVIDIA NVENC encoding requires an Nvidia GPU with Kepler architecture or newer.
  • Apple Hardware Accelerated H.264 encoding requires a Mac with an integrated Intel GPU.

Release Notes: Fixes

The following issues have been fixed between the previous version of Ustream Producer and version 7. In many instances, these issues relate to inconsistent problems, such as the fix for crashing that would sometimes occur when using Mac Screen Capture.

  • Fixed an issue where a stream may not start if the initial source was a still video frame (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where transitions may not be triggered properly (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where sending a DirectShow source to Preview and Live simultaneously could result in popping audio (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Mac Screen Capture (Mac OS X)
  • Fixed an issue where audio output device sample rate changes were not handled properly (Mac OS X)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Local Desktop Presenter on systems with multiple monitors or GPUs (Windows)
  • Fixed wide character display issues with Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting a BlackMagic capture card source (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where searching Twitter with hashtag could fail (Mac OS X & Windows)
  • Added true cross dissolve transition on Windows

Supported Operating Systems

The following operating systems are supported by the software encoder:

  • Windows 7 SP1 64­bit
  • Windows 8.1 64­bit
  • Windows 10 64­bit
  • Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Mac OS X El Capitan


The new Ustream Producer 7 video broadcasting software provides virtually everything needed for a professional live production. The encoder offers powerful new features to empower broadcasters to improve their workflow, both during a live production and post through ISO recording. Faster performance with reduced CPU usage also makes this the best version of the encoder yet across numerous setups and without the need to upgrade internal equipment.

Want to take the new Ustream Producer for a test drive? Download a free trial and begin trying out the many professional features and looks you can add to your live content.

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