Do You Know Who is Watching Your Videos?

Do You Know Who is Watching Your Videos?

Do you know who is watching your videos?

We created IBM Enterprise Video Streaming because we heard from customers who were looking for an easy-to-use and secure way to have live meetings and share videos with their employees. It’s now used everyday by thousands of users for all-hands meetings, sales trainings, focus groups and employee training.

One of the key requirements for these use cases is the ability to track who watched what content. To address that, we have introduced viewer tracking. This works on a per user basis. To see a demo, watch our Video Best Practices for Your Internal Communication Strategy webinar which concludes with showcasing the platform and this feature.

Viewer tracking

We’ve now added Viewer Tracking so you can see exactly who watched and for how long. Select a live event or recorded video and see the list of who watched. Or, select an individual, displayed as an email address, and see their entire viewing history.

Tracking how long someone watched can be displayed either by second or as a percentage. The second view is found from downloading the full report as a CSV. This gives an easy way to then share this information with human resources (HR) or other departments that might need this. Alternatively, the percentage view is found in the dashboard. This makes it easy to track attendance for a meeting or ensure compliance for watching a mandatory training video. For example, if the video has to be watched all the way through, someone can go into the account and verify if it was watched 100% or not. Furthermore, if a user decides to watch the full content later the platform will update their listing to reflect the total percentage viewed. So someone who watches half of it will show up as 50%, but if they later return and watch the full video they will be credited as seeing 100% of it.

If you are already using IBM Enterprise Video Streaming, you’ll find Tracking in your dashboard.

Viewer Tracking Example

Want to try out this feature but not already using IBM Enterprise Video Streaming? Schedule a personal demo.

If your audience is not internal, but external, read our Individual Viewership Data and Audience Metrics article. A later addition to the platform, this discusses the expansion of viewer tracking for external use cases, in particular around video marketing. This is key as in that context it creates a way to not just generate leads through viewer registration but then track those leads to help qualify them as well.

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