Thanks for Choosing Us to Be Your Live Video Platform!

SMWinnerThis week, we not only streamed the Streaming Media West Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., but we also took home their Reader’s Choice Award for top Live Video Platform!

Thank you to everyone that voted! As I mentioned in a previous blog (We’re Two Billion Strong, Thanks to You!), we’ve come a long way over the years and we’re excited to continue growing together. This year alone has been remarkable; looking back at some highlights:

  • Earlier this year, Sony chose us to be their streaming provider for business communications, kicking it off with a live event announcing the features (including Ustream integration) of the PlayStation 4. Today, we are not only integrated into the consoles, but we continue to work together to meet their external communications needs.
  • In September, we officially rolled out LiveAd, a game-changing product fusing live video with display advertising. Our early users have seen 10x spikes in viewership and engagement, and we’re seeing heightened interest as more and more broadcasters have taken note of the results.
  • During the summer, we were named to Inc. 500’s list as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. During the first half of the year, we powered a record 7.2 million live video streams and experienced 600% sales growth to enterprise customers.
  • During the spring, we announced new features for our flagship service, Pro Broadcasting. Alongside this, we unveiled our proprietary technology platform, the Ustream Cloud Platform.

I won’t bore you with a longer laundry list, but I’m incredibly proud of what we built, and it’s truly a testament to the power of — not only our platform — but live video as a means for communication across all sectors.

We’ve got more news in the works and will have more to share in the coming weeks!

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