10/24/08 XPrize Lunar Lander Challenge – Live Fri/Sat

One small step..

One giant corporate funded lander!

Our good friends at Spacevidcast are LIVE on the scene in New Mexico for the 2008 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. The LLC will be held October 24-25 at the Las Cruces International Airport in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Two teams are expected to fly during the competition: Armadillo Aerospace and TrueZer0.

Benjamin and CariAnn Higginbotham will be live on site all day giving play by play of the challenge.  From the XPrize site: “The Challenge is designed to accelerate commercial technological developments supporting the birth of a new generation of Lunar Landers capable of ferrying payloads or humans back and forth between lunar orbit and the lunar surface. Such a vehicle would have direct application to NASA’s space exploration goals as well as the personal spaceflight industry, including the Google Lunar X PRIZE competitors. Additionally, the challenge will help industry develop the operational capacity to launch quick turnaround vertical take-off, vertical landing vehicles, which will be of significant use to many facets of the commercial launch procurement market.”

This is the future of space here folks.  With government dollars for NASA expected to continue to shrink, we will be relying more and more on the dollars of corporate America to fund and push the space technological limits.

For more information, please visit: http://space.xprize.org/lunar-lander-challenge

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