Events for the Week of 9/27

Techcrunch Disrupt Conference
Monday, 9/27 – Wednesday, 9/29
Watch Techcruch’s 3-day conference live from San Francisco here. The conference will explore the so-called Third Wave–a term coined by Venture Capitalist John Doerr–namely the innovations taking place in social, mobile, and commerce platforms and applications. [clear here]

Billboard Q&A with Trey Songz
Monday, 9/27 at 1:30pm PT
Trey Songz will be live from the official Billboard channel right here to do a live Q&A about the release of his latest album, Passion, Pain, & Pleasure. [clear here]

Doobie Brothers Live
Monday, 9/27 at 4pm PT
Tune in here to watch The Doobie Brothers celebrate the release of their new album World Gone Crazy. The broadcast will include a live 90-minute acoustic concert, followed by a question & answer session that puts fans face-to-face with the legendary band. Watch Cisco make rock and roll history. [clear here]

Rock of Ages Live on Broadway
Monday, 9/27 at 7:30pm PT
Tune in here to see REO Speedwagon do a “Sneak Peek” after their Broadway performance. [clear here]

Stupid for Dexter
Mondays at 7:00pm PT
Dexter junkies won’t want to miss this weekly show exploring the ins and outs of the highly acclaimed Showtime series. You can watch it here. [clear here]

Grand Ole Opry
Tuesday, 9/28 at 6pm PT
The Grand Ole Opry is going live! Tune in here for an exclusive live broadcast featuring Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels Band, and more! [clear here]

Secretary Gates Speaks at Duke University
Wednesday, 9/29 at 2pm PT
Join Duke University on their Official Ustream channel page here as they welcome Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for a live broadcast. The lecture will be followed by a brief Q&A where students and viewers can ask him questions directly using the hash tag #dukelive. [clear here]

Ben & Jerry’s Chat
Friday, 10/1 at 9am PT
Tune in here to see Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen and TransFair CEO Paul Rice giving the scoop on all things Fair Trade. Because the only thing that tastes better than ice cream is Fair Trade ice cream. [clear here]

Simon & Schuster: A Conversation with Richard Dawkins
Friday, 10/1 at 10am PT
Join Simon & Schuster for a live chat featuring Richard Dawkins, author of the book “The Greatest Show on Earth.” He’ll be joined by Sam Harris, author of “The Moral Landscape” to discuss the intersection of science and religion. Don’t miss it right here. [clear here]

Ignite: 2010
Friday, 10/1 at 12pm PT
Tune in here to see a first of its kind gathering of leaders in entertainment, new media and social organizing that will spark minds and initiate action on topics of civic engagement as it pertains to the November mid-term elections, music and social consciousness and new media/blogs. [clear here]

Bad Manors Squirrelathon
Saturday, 10/2 at 12pm PT
Join the Bad Manors Squirrel Diner on a little trip to Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rehab in Malibu, CA to see baby squirrels up close! Viewers will also have a chance to make a donation to the Rehab center, and those who donate $5 or more will be gifted with some Bad Manors Squirrel swag! Tune in here daily to see all the happenings at the diner and don’t miss the Squirrelathon on Saturday! [clear here]

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