Ashley Tisdale Live Chat and Other Events for the Week of July 27

On Thursday, July 30 at 5pm PST, Ashley Tisdale will participate in a live chat from New York. Fans will be able to send in their questions via twitter beforehand and have an opportunity to “hang out” with the High School Musical megastar. You can watch the broadcast on her channel here.

One Intern, Four Channels, 32 Hours of Cable News! Watch as an intern at Vanity Fair magazine is confined to a small, windowless room with nothing but a laptop and a TV where he’ll be forced to watch cable news networks for four days straight. Let’s see how much 24-hour news one person can handle! Watch it live here every day until Thursday, July 30.

On Thursday, July 30 at 5pm PST, Rob Redstone will interview Collins Pennie, who plays Malik in the upcoming feature film version of the hit musical “Fame.” Rob’s interviews always center around questions asked by the fans, so tweet him your questions early and he might ask Collins live on the air! You can watch it here.

Also on Thursday, the World Women’s Championship for Bowling will be broadcast live from Las Vegas. The World Championships are the largest and most important event in the sport, so be sure to tune in and root for Team USA as they face off against more than 50 countries! Watch it here.

For the first time ever, The Miss Universe Organization will broadcast the Miss Teen USA Pageant live from the Bahamas. Catch it and watch the winner be crowned on Friday, July 31. Watch it here.

Also on Friday, Duke University professor Dan Ariely will hold a live office hours session for Ustream viewers. Professor Ariely is a leading expert in the field of behavioral economics, and author of the book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” which explores some of the reasons we make irrational decisions. Tune in to the broadcast here.

Bad Manors Squirrel Diner: This 24/7 cam has a rotating display of “props” that squirrels interact with in their hunt for nuts and other treats. You never know whether you’re going to see a squirrel facing off against a T-rex or a squirrel taking the stand at a political rally! Mornings are the best times to watch, when the squirrels are most active. Tune in here.

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