Remembering Michael Jackson, and other events for the week of July 6th

Michael Jackson

Ustreamers around the world will be able to watch the memorial services for Michael Jackson, which will be streamed live via CBS News. The memorial will start at 10am PST on Tuesday, July 7th. Tune in here to watch along with other fans.

Other events this week include:

The Lost “Tweetcast” with Jay and Jack. Jay and Jack, hosts of the popular “Lost” fan podcast, “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack”, will be doing an interactive ‘tweetcast’, in which “Lost” fans around the globe can tweet their questions and theories about the show. Tune in here, starting at 6pm PST on Monday, July 6th.

Starting at 8pm PST on Tuesday, July 7th, OP will be streaming their Open Campus Launch Party. Special guests will include Bow Wow, Joel Madden, and Sophia Bush. The event can be seen here.

Tzipi Livni, leader of Kadima, the largest party in Israel’s national parliament, will be streaming an event live from Israel on Thursday, July 9th. Starting at 9am PST, you can join in here or on Facebook.

At 5pm PST, also on Thursday, singer-songwriter Brooke White will be streaming here and on her Facebook page!

Mario Marathon

Beginning on Friday, July 10th, starting at 6am PST, gamers from Lafayette, Indiana will host the second annual Mario Marathon. The marathon will be raising money for Child’s Play Charity, which provides toys, games and books to patients of children’s hospitals world wide. Watch and donate here!

Tech Crunch will be streaming The CrunchUp live from the historic Fox Theatre, in Redwood City, on Friday, July 10th. The event will run from 9am PST until 4:30pm, and can be viewed here!

On Saturday, July 11th, be sure to catch the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS-127, which will be streamed by Spacevidcast and will happen at 5:39pm PST!

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