Events for the week of December 29, 2008

New Years Week is a great one for Ustream, we have MacWorld just around the corner, celebrity trainer Valerie Waters, Nip/Tuck timeless beauties, Geekazine’s weekly show, and more. 

Starting on December 29 and running through January 6, we will have Nip Tuck’s “Timeless Beauties” Dancing LIVE at the Beverly Center! The return of nip/tuck will be highlighted with live performances by the three iconic dancers; “Go Go,” “Starlet” and “Princess”. These dancers will interact in-person with visitors at Los Angeles’ Beverly Center as well as virtually in the Ustream chat. Vote online at for your favorite! If you’re not in LA, tune in LIVE at watch with us here: 

Also on Monday, December 29 at 7p EST we have Geekazine, a show on tech, podcasting and having fun. This is a great show for the Geek in all of us. This week there will be 3 panelists talking about new gadgets, and they’ll be taking questions so email geekazine [at] Watch with us live here:

Daily, we have a wonderful stream from the New Leash on Life Adoption facility in Mt. Juliet, TN. Watch with us as these cute little animals eat, play, and look for a new loving home to take care of them. Watch live here:

On New Years Day, January 1, 2009 Jason Sadler of will be live wearing a shirt! For all of 2009, Jason will be wearing a different brands shirt each day, and his first will be one of OURS! Tune in live to see how you can get involved too:

On January 2nd, at 9a EST, two of the best Rock Band 2 drummers in the world will be LIVE on Ustream for a marathon drumming session through all 530+ songs in the game.  Over the estimated 60 hours of drumming, they will be both competing for a new World Record as well as raising donations for the United Way. Be sure to check out the site:

And watch with us LIVE:

Streams to watch for:
January 6th-9th for Macworld! Watch with us live here:

January 7th for Valerie Waters Red Carpet Celebrity Showcase. Watch with us live here:

January 8th-11th for CES! Watch with us live here:

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