Ever see those late-night infomercials on getting Government Money?

lesko.jpgGrowing up, I saw Matthew Lesko on TV from time-to-time, but only recently did I have a chance to connect with the man behind the “question mark suit.” Mr. Lesko reached out to Ustream.TV in hopes of finding support for his passion. I offered my help to him with both a sense of familiarity (from all those late-night infomercials) and a sense of discovery (who is he really?).

Mr. Lesko camped out for 72-hours in front of the Nation’s Capital to teach Americans about available resources. Mr. Lesko says hundreds of millions of uncommitted Government program dollars are available each fiscal year. “That’s opportunity that goes wasted and that really inspires me to inform Americans,” says Mr. Lesko with the passion that sustains him in his mission.

So I asked him, “Why Ustream? Why broadcast this LIVE to the entire world?” I wanted to make a point to Mr. Lesko that the power of Ustream is LIVE and it’s GLOBAL. It’s the ultimate access and discovery tool – it breaks down the barriers between reality and production media – the ultimate truth, raw and uncensored, gets lesko1.jpgconveyed. People that like being ‘photoshoped’ need to be wary of the power of Ustream. Mr. Lesko responded that he welcomed that and that he has been searching for a better way to connect with his passion. I quickly realized that what he meant was that his passion was people. It seems that while I was trying to make a point, he did.

As I watched his channel, a small business owner from Lousiana came into the chat room to thank Mr. Lesko personally. Apparently, the small business owner used Mr. Lesko’s book to get out of financial hardship. He repeatedly thanked Mr. Lesko. The small business owner was struggling, his family was falling apart because of financial pressures, and thanks to a Government program…he found the assistance he needed to get back on a better track.

It seems, if one person is touched – it’s truly worth it. I admire Mr. Lesko because, like me, he’s a man taking risk on behalf of a better vision.

For more information on Matthew Lesko, please visit http://www.lesko.com

John Ham
Founder, Ustream.TV

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