Featured Interview with Zedalza New York

We’ve decided to feature guests on our blog, and from time to time we’ll feature interviews with interesting people who are involved with Ustream. We took time with one of our broadcasters, Frank Valbiro, to ask him a few questions about himself and his show, Zedalza New York, which airs every Tuesday and Thursday.

Zedalza New York is self described as “Fearlessly revealing and emotion!” Founded in 2006 at Manhattanville College, The Zedalza Radio Show began broadcasting on WMVL 88.1 FM. After brief stints on various internet sites, The Zedalza Radio Show found its home on Ustream.tv, incorporating both video and audio for the first time in the show’s history. Hosted by Frank Valbiro, Anthony Valbiro and Mike Alonzi, Zedalza incorporates an open talk forum and encourages viewers to participate in the broadcasts by calling in live and interacting through the chat room during the show.

U: How did you come up with the idea to live stream?
FV: We have been broadcasting since February 2006. We started on college, FM radio and moved the show to the internet in May of the same year. We broadcasted on LIVE365 for over a year, before we were face to face with live video-streaming technology at the July 7, 2007 Youtube Convention in Manhattan – we knew what needed to be done. Needless to say, we were off and running with the newly-launched Ustream within the next ten days. It’s been one helluva ride since… Brad deserves the Purple Heart for all the problems he’s had to solve for us… So, in present day, Ustream powers what has now expanded from just a solitary show into our own Network. Evolution is fantastic!

U: How do you envision yourself using Ustream this year?
FV: We are going to be broadcasting live from remote locations all over New Uork and beyond, expanding the network globally by building unique programming that you will only be able to see on our channel. Live from sporting events, sponsored parties, live musical performances, night clubs, lounges, sports bars and beyond! The party is just going to get started in 2009 and Ustream is going to be pulling people along for the ride.

U: What’s the first thing you look at when you turn on your computer?
FV: E-mail or the number of views on our YouTube videos.

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