Happy Valentine’s Day!

With online dating, Facebook, and a plethora of other high tech tools allowing us to connect, our love lives have quite literally gone digital. And judging from the number of live weddings and virtual “dinner dates” with celebs on Ustream, we’re noticing the trend over here too. While we certainly don’t condone virtual meetings in place of real live dates this Valentines day, maybe a quick live Valentine’s day message to a friend who lives far away will be a little bit more original than a greeting card…

And just to show you that a live message on Ustream can be romantic, check out some of these lovelorn messages from different Ustreamers. We dare you not to fall in love 😉

Trey Songz puckers up for his fans… c’mon admit it, you totally kissed your computer screen. [clear here]

Austin Mahone serenades his “Mahomies” with his devastatingly romantic rendition of “Let Me Love You.” [clear here]

Share a romantic dinner with Lil’ Twist and Lil’ Wayne. [clear here]

Ocho Cinco goes on a live date for his reality show, “The Ultimate Catch.” [clear here]

Victoria’s Secret Models talk Valentine’s Day plans.

Finally, if your Valentine’s Day is going to call for a breakup, you might want to hire Nicki Minaj to do it for you…

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