Mixed Martial Arts for a cause

If you’ve spent any time on Ustream, you can probably tell that we’re big MMA fans. In fact if it were up to our CEO and co-founder Brad Hunstable, we’d probably just stream old UFC fights 24/7. You may not have known this either: Brad is a former military man.  He and co-founders John Ham and Gyula Feher started Ustream as a way for their friends serving in Iraq to easily communicate with friends and family back home.

That’s why Saturday’s Buckley Fight Night is so special to us. Not only does it include MMA stars like UFC vet Tyler “Thunder” Toner and Bellator vet Cody Carillo, but it directly benefits something else that’s near and dear to our hearts, the Wounded Warrior Project. If you’re not familiar with the WWP, it provides aid and services to U.S. service members injured in war. While closed to the public, the audience will be full of current and former military members.

Buckley Fight Night kicks off this Saturday at 9pm EST. Get your ticket here.


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