More Thoughts On Democratization Of Live Video- Hockey on Ustream

hockey.jpgI had more thoughts today on the power of democratization of live video. Ustream’s solution for live interactive television over the Internet
differs in two important ways from traditional television:

1) It is turnkey and easily scalable, which means that it is both easy and economical to broadcast shows on a much smaller scale. TV networks require audiences in the millions to be viable; Ustream broadcasts can be successful with a handful of viewers. Yet Ustream broadcasts can also scale up to over 100,000 viewers without a problem.

This means that it’s easy to broadcast shows, and that Ustream provides the scalability broadcasters need to take advantage if their program turns out to be a hit.

2) It is live and interactive, which means that viewers can interact with each other, or even the broadcaster during the course of the broadcast. This makes Ustream videos a highly engaging experience. Instead of watching a game while sitting alone in a hotel room, you can watch with your friends. You can even yell back at the video, and the broadcaster might actually listen.

This week I’ve been following a great local sporting event the Yarmouth Mariners VS Lumber Kings from the Lobster Pot Tournament. Traditional TV would never broadcast this hockey game–they could never make enough money to offset the costs. But the fans that tuned in got to watch their favorite team live, and carried on quite a lively running commentary in the associated Ustream chat room.

Ustream is the solution that lets local sports and other events to compete with the big boys. Why watch Oakland Raiders or Dallas Stars for the umpteenth time when you can watch the teams and people you really care about?


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