Obama’s Afghanistan Speech and Other Events for the Week of 11/30


On Tuesday at 6pm PST, tune in to CBS’ channel here to watch President Obama unveil his new plan for Afghanistan from West Point Military Academy. The address will outline the President’s going-forward plan for the region and include Ustream’s chat and Social Stream. Don’t miss this historic speech, and you can watch on your iPhone or Android too!

On Tuesday at 7:30am PST, tune in here to see Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson and two-time Spirit Award Winner Matt Dillon as they announce the 2010 nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards! You can chime in with your questions and comments via chat or social stream as well!

On Tuesday at 6pm PST, tune in to The Room Live to see alternative pop musician Andy Davis answer questions and perform live. The Room is your place to see in-depth interviews every week with a live in-studio audience. Tune in here.

Also on Tuesday at 6pm PST, join Blip.fm as they host a live chat with Indie rockers Big Light. This is the first of a series of live chats they’ll be doing over at Blip.fm headquarters, so be sure to keep checking in to their channel to see what other guests they have in the pipeline. You can watch the Big Light live chat here.

On Tuesday at 6:45 pm PST, Infiniti is doing a live stream from the LA Auto Show at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they’ll be unveiling their new 2011 Infiniti M and the 2010 Infiniti G line. Come see what the cars of tomorrow will look like by tuning in here.

Autoline Live will also be covering the LA Auto Show. Tune in on Wednesday at 11:30am PST to see live coverage of all the major auto makers’ newest models for the coming year. The auto industry experts at Autoline will be serving up their usual dose of incisive commentary as well, so it’s sure to be an educational experience for anyone in the market for a new car! Tune in here.

Starting Tuesday morning and lasting through Thursday, tune in here to catch live coverage of the Supernova conference, which “explores the transformation of computing, communications, business, and society in the network age.” In other words, it’s a time for 500 leading executives, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and business leaders to come together and discuss emerging trends and discover innovative new ideas and companies. Tune in here to watch the different panel discussions live.

On Wednesday at 2pm PST, join Jason Calacanis and the rest of the This Week in Startups crew to welcome poker player extraordinaire Annie Duke as his first-ever female guest! Annie has been a high-stakes player for over 20 years, and has taught celebrities like Ben Affleck how to win big at the poker table. Tune in here to see the interview.

Thursday at 10am PST, join pastry chef and cookbook author Gale Gand and McCormick for a quick lesson on holiday cooking. The hour-long demo will also feature viewers’ questions to Gale live! Tune in here to brush up on your holiday cooking knowledge.

On Thursday at 10:30am PST, join Jewish Reggae artist Matisyahu for the third live fan chat in his holiday series. Last week, he invited viewers into his home to get a peek of his Thanksgiving festivities, this week he’ll be taking questions and chatting about topics you choose! Tune in here to watch, interact, and learn about this unique and talented artist.

On Friday at 9am PST, tune in here for some Holiday PC Entertaining with internet guru Amber MacArthur (aka AmberMac) and Intel for a 1-hour holiday webcast that will melt away all your tech stress! Amber will be discussing how to buy the perfect video or still camera, how to make holiday movies, and how to take perfect pictures!

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