Rhett and Link are “Live on the Internet”

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Ever wondered what it takes to become the next live viral internet star? After the explosive and unexpected success of the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, Rhett and Link (Ustreamers and creators of such hits as “The Facebook Song” and “The BBQ Song”) are back with “Live on the Internet,” where they ponder the mysterious elements that go into the making of a live internet sensation. Is it puppies? Babies and gravy? Or some as yet undiscovered mix?

Rhett and Link think it’s time to give the Shiba Inu puppies a run for their money, they’re just not sure how. As the song says, “We’ve mapped the human genome but we still can’t predict the next internet phenom.” Could you be the one to unseat the Shiba puppies from their throne as Ustream’s most watched stream of all time? It doesn’t take a scientist in a lab coat to figure it out. Get out there and start streaming!

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