This Week in Product: Identity Selector

Peter from the product team here with a big question for you: Do you lead a double life?

On Facebook, you’re a mild-mannered bank employee. You go to work at 8:30; you are home by 5. You have 2.06 children. You will probably live 78.37 years.

But on Twitter, you’re a legend. You’ve got a Ustream channel and your weekly show hits 10,000 viewers. You’re larger than life, and you’ve got an attitude to match.

A problem arises when you want to interact in the Social Stream: you can’t reveal your identity on Facebook — your real identity — but you’ve used it to login.

Here at Ustream, we’ve got you covered. Someone like you needs an Identity Selector. Besides a ridiculous name that we may have stolen from Minority Report, here’s what it looks like:

To use the identity selector, just click your icon next to the text input field. Out slides a control panel with your various “identities” to display. If you’ve connected them to Ustream, they’ll show up. And of course, your Ustream account is one of those identities.

To select an identity, just click the radio button next to the identity you wish to use. It will automatically save.

What does it do? When you select an identity, it loads your picture from the social network you selected. It does not change what social networks you post to. To do this, simply check or un-check those boxes below the text input area when you’ve closed the identity selector.

You can also manage banned users. While on your own channels’ social stream, you will see the users you have banned and can un-ban them quickly. (Tip: ban or ignore users’ messages by mousing over them in the social stream. You can only do this on your own channel.)

Enjoy this new feature, and be sure to check out our Premium Memberships product if you want to stand out and watch Ustream commercial free!

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