Ukrainian citizen journalists spur launch of Ustream for Change

Video streaming by Ustream

Seven years ago, we started this company with a simple idea: a mission to bring live broadcasting to anyone in the world. Over the years, we’ve seen users from all walks of life taking to our technology, largely because of the power of live, social video. I can proudly say that we have fulfilled this mission; in fact, we had our best year as a company in 2013 and we’re excited for the road ahead.

We have now embraced a much larger mission. Ultimately, we believe that Ustream helps businesses and societies be more transparent, productive, and build deeper relationships — we’ve seen it first hand. And our goal is to educate the masses and give them the ability to harness live video, so that they can achieve these very things. This mission is both ambitious and exciting, and we have an incredible team that is focused on fulfilling our mission.

The unfortunate events in Ukraine have opened our eyes even wider, as three citizen journalist groups surfaced on Ustream last November, providing all of us a first-hand look at the tragedy taking place. Live video has given these brave broadcasters an outlet, despite the highly oppressive conditions on the ground. Their streams continue to bring transparency into the situation, and in the last 24 hours alone, we’ve seen engagement crossing 1 million views.

Live streaming video by Ustream
We are supporting their streaming activity in-kind — a no-brainer and something we have often done in similar situations — but also strive to do much more.

Today we launched a new philanthropic program, Ustream for Change, where we will be consistently supporting internet freedom, stable societies, and emerging democracies. We’re keeping an eye on streaming activity in Ukraine, as well as the events unfolding in Venezuela and Bangkok.

Stay tuned as we will have more updates along the way. Learn more about our exciting new program HERE, or read our press release HERE.


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