Ustream Collaborates with Verizon

Here at Ustream, we take pride in having the best streaming experience from mobile devices. Whether you’re capturing your child’s soccer game or breaking news, we make sure your special moments can be shared with friends and family across the globe.

That’s why we’re excited today to announce that we’ve collaborated with Verizon Wireless, America’s Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network, to bring new features to our Android users. Verizon Wireless subscribers with participating Android devices will get their own Verizon channel with some great new features: 

  • Easy Sharing: Let everyone know that you’re about to broadcast. The new sharing screen lets you notify your friends via SMS or email. You can also post to social networks to make sure you get the word out.

Verizon sharing

  • Personal-Casting: For those who want a little more privacy, Verizon users will also have access to a special “personal” mode. Broadcasts made in the personal mode can be viewed only with the exact link that you shared. Saved broadcasts in personal mode also can’t be viewed from external sites or by searching for it on the Ustream website


  • Ad-Free:  Nobody likes commercials interrupting their viewing experience. In order to provide viewers an enhanced viewing experience, users broadcasting in personal mode from their Verizon Android device will get up to 7 viewers who can watch without advertisements.

  • HD Broadcasting: You read that right… 720p broadcasting from your mobile phone! Learn more about HD broadcasting here.

These new features are now available for select Verizon devices, including the Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One, and Motorola Razr M, and Ultra. All you have to do is download the Ustream App from the Google Play Store and click the broadcast button. If you don’t have one of these phones, don’t worry. We will be rolling out these features on more Verizon devices in the near future, so stay tuned!


The combination of Ustream’s mobile app and Verizon’s robust network will give users the best mobile broadcasting experience. What are you going to stream?

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