Welcome to the New Ustream

Hey there Ustreamers, It’s our pleasure to introduce you to… (drumroll please)…. the brand new Ustream Broadcast Network, the best way to broadcast and view live content online!

The New Ustream is designed from the ground up to give you, the viewer, the best way to find the most engaging content on Ustream. The new homepage features the best live and recorded videos from around the globe, hand picked by our content team. Along with the freshest news, entertainment, sports and animals coverage; our team is able to group together a 24/7 real-time programming guide that reflects multiple perspectives of unfolding events, giving you a 360 degree coverage on the issues you care about.

Interested in a more personalized experience? Logged in users get a brand new category called “You” where you can see videos from broadcasters you follow, content that your Facebook friends have been watching, or channels that you previously watched.

With the new preview player on the homepage, you can quickly see if a stream interests you before committing to it. Once you find a good one, click “Expand Video” to dive into the full viewing experience.

The new channel pages are re-designed to give the best experience for the viewer and broadcaster. Users can RSVP to upcoming events, participate in live discussions through the social stream, leave Facebook comments, and follow their favorite broadcasters (note to long-time users: in this new version, the group previously known as your “crowd” are now simply called your “followers”.)

Ever been on the go when you were trying to watch your favorite Ustream show? With the new Ustream mobile site you’ll be able to browse through Ustreams content and keep up with all of your favorite broadcasters

Our team has worked very hard on this new network and we are thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. There will be many great features rolling out in the near future, so stay tuned for more announcements.

– Team Ustream

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