Drop the Bass with the #1 Nightclub in N. America – Right from Your Home


Temperatures aren’t the only thing that drop in Denver, Colorado. Thanks to a 72,000-watt sound system, a liquid-nitrogen-fueled fog machine that spews over 1,000 gallons of smoke a night, and a roster of top DJ’s from around the globe when Beta drops the dirty bass, they drop it HARD. How hard, you ask? Filthy vibrations so hard they rattle your fillings loose.

Voted the #1 nightclub in North America by Rolling Stone for 2013, Beta is also the only club in the world with a 90% environmentally green rating. AND the only club in North America synthesizing funky sounds from a Function-One Dance Array 4 Speaker Stack System. ‘Club Culture Evolving’ is a slogan that certainly rings true for this one-of-a-kind nightclub, and with the integration of their live cams the #1 nightclub in North America is able to bring the party to you.

Good Times at Beta on Ustream

Who has broadcasted their set LIVE from Beta Nightclub? Here’s a couple special guests who brought the party to the stage and a computer/smartphone/tablet near you:

great banner beta 9

Krewella Live on Beta Nightclub!Savoy at Beta Nightclub

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Good Times at Beta on UstreamAs one of the world’s leading nightclubs we aim to provide a top-notch music experience to fans, but like any venue we do have capacity restrictions. Partnering with Ustream has made it possible to expand our reach beyond the physical customer, by broadcasting our shows to the digital consumers and pushing our brand to a much larger audience, says Lance Dunlap, Marketing Manager at Beta. 

Being based in Denver, Colorado, we have a limited market to draw customers from in comparison to some of the other dance music capitals such as Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, & Las Vegas. Broadcasting has allowed us to spread our entertainment locally, nationally, and internationally. Since our first broadcast in August of 2011, ourviewer numbers have been rapidly increasing into the tens of thousands and we continue to have viewers from all over the US, Europe, South America, & Asia.

 Beta Nightclub has been one of my favorite channels since the very beginning of their days at Ustream. Whether you are an audiophile, eat breathe and live EDM music, or just want to witness an amazing live experience, be sure to follow their channel here: http://www.ustream.tv/betanightclub and RSVP to their weekly shows on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I’ll see you there!

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