Switchfoot and This Providence: Live in Studio!

Back in the old days of the music business, the album recording stage was usually the time when bands and artists disappeared off the face of the earth. No tours, no press circuit, no parties. Usually by the time they’re recording, all the singles from their previous album would have grown stale and dropped off radio and TV rotation.

Switchfoot and This Providence are using Ustream to make the recording process the most interactive stage of an artist’s development. Both Switchfoot and This Providence have set up webcams from their recording studios. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Both bands have already created a hang-out spot of sorts for their fans, with plenty of diehard fans making new friendships across the chatroom.

Multi-platinum artists and newly independent Switchfoot turns on their stream just about when they feel like it, which can quite often. Stay tuned for more details for special interactive segments.

Webcast by Ustream.TV

Meanwhile, Fueled By Ramen artists This Providence have been broadcasting the studio session for their second album, from everyday from 4 – 7 pm Pacific.

Web TV provided by Ustream

Both are looking for creative ways to involve their fans through the stream, so be sure to suggest your best ideas in this here entry’s comments section. I promise I will read them and propose the best ones to the bands themselves. So better make ’em good!

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