Think globally, act locally. Turn on Ustream, turn off the tap!

Have you ever considered that maybe in less than 30 years people have to be bald as no one will be able to wash their hair? That’s one of the worst case scenarios which are discussed at the Budapest Water Summit attended by UN leaders and worldwide dignitaries.


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared in his opening remarks that water holds the vital role in sustainable development, highlighting its importance in food security, climate change and sanitation. ‘Water holds the key to sustainable development. We need it for health, food security and economic progress,’ he says adding that each year brings new pressures.

So by 2030, nearly half the global population could be facing water scarcity. In the meantime, demand could outstrip supply by 40 per cent which is why a joint declaration is expected to be released at the end of the summit.

The four day conference is fully powered by Ustream and can be watched on the site as well as the homepage of the Water Summit.

Dear Ustreamers, please join in the plenary sessions and scientific forums to learn and share your opinion. However, dignitaries are presented in person and have talks about international tasks, you, the internet community can also participate.

Don’t think of big things. It’s enough to turn the tap off while brushing teeth and you will save eight gallons (30 liters) of water each day!

If all of us start doing an act, we could also make an important impact, along with the expected declaration.

You can follow the Budapest Water Summit here:

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