Ustream Parties With Ashton and Diddy At This Year’s Annual White Party!

What a way to celebrate the 4th of July! Over 230,000 of you tuned into the White Carpet, Malaria No More, and PTWITTYTV streams live from this year’s annual White Party! Besides being held in Los Angeles this year, the White Party was co-hosted by P.Diddy and Ashton Kutcher and helped raise money for Malaria No More, a charity dedicated to ending malaria.

Check out John Ham, founder and CEO of Ustream, hanging out with Diddy!
John Ham and P.Diddy

And here’s Brad Hunstable, founder and President of Ustream, chatting it up with Russell Brand:

Here are some of our other favorite highlights from the party:

Ashton and Demi say “hi” to Ustream
Diddy gets the word out about Malaria No More
Russell Brand for Malaria No More
Ashton pulls off some Cirque du Soleil moves
Chris Brown dances to Thriller

What were your favorite moments? Leave a comment with a link to your favorite White Party moment!

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