Goes Live, Goes Viral, Goes Ustream

Viral Live!

Ustream.TV Powers Veoh Networks’ New ‘Viral LIVE’ to Take Viewers Behind the Scenes of Their Favorite Internet TV Shows

Monthly Series to Feature Exclusive, Interactive Interviews with the Producers, Casts and Characters from Today’s Most Popular Internet TV Productions

viral_thumbnail.jpgI’m pleased to announce a joint effort between Ustream.TV and Internet Television leader, Veoh Networks, to bring fans closer to their favorite Internet TV productions through Veoh’s new Web series, “Viral LIVE.” Viral LIVE is a live monthly program that gives Veoh and Ustream viewers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at some of the most popular Internet shows, producers, casts and characters. Hosted by Veoh’s resident content guru, Sunny Gault, Viral LIVE will kick-off tomorrow (Thurs) at 2:00 pm PST with the producers and cast of CBS’ hit web series, “Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side II.”

Viewers can log into the Viral LIVE channel on Veoh at or the Ustream.TV site at to watch the live broadcast from Universal Studios, where CBS’ Ghost Whisperer is taped. Todmorrow’s show will feature interactive interviews with Ian Sander and Kim Moses – the executive producers of both the television and Internet series – as well as four of the main cast members from Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side II. Viewers can use the Viral LIVE chat function to ask the producers and cast questions and chat live with other Ghost Whisperer fans.

“Working with Ustream.TV, we can provide our viewers with the unique opportunity to ‘visit’ the sets of their favorite Internet TV shows and interact in real-time with the characters, producers and others involved in these productions,” said Annie Morita, Vice President of Marketing for Veoh Networks. “Without the power of live video on the Web, this type of access would not be possible..”

Live video broadcasting on the Web brings a fresh element to the world of entertainment and innovative companies like Veoh that are embracing the live video medium are giving their users more options for personalizing their online viewing experiences, while providing new ways for them to get involved every time they tune in.

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