You pick topic, MC Lars spits verse


You can always tell a first time Ustream.TV viewer by the following chat query: “Is this really live?”

You almost feel the “WOW!” when the broadcaster immediately replies the affirmative. It’s the magic of the real-time interaction during the content creation process, as I’m sure Ustreamers are well aware.

This Tuesday, June 10, starting at 6 pm Pacific, your favorite post-punk laptop rapper, MC Lars, takes the concept of real-time interaction to ridiculous new heights. Join MC Lars for a first-of-its-kind RAP FREESTYLE SESSION, where MC Lars will be rhyming to the topics YOU submit in the chatroom. It’s as if you were in MC Lars’ cypher yourself. How cool is that?

And as if that wasn’t enough, MC Lars is bringing out Political hip-hop group AR-15 and Central California rapper MNP/film director/Brooks Academy graduate Tim Thompson to join in on the freestyle festivities.

This will be an inaugural show in a series of live freestyle sessions, so come and show your support.

The more ridiculous your topic, the more likely you become a co-producer of his next freestyle recording! If you absolutely can’t make it, leave your topics in the comment, and we’ll have Lars try to throw it into the mix.

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