• Instant login, no passwords

Hopefully your company meetings go better than Vooza’s comedic fail!

Why your company should be using Ustream Align:

  • Reach all employees globally, on any device
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Reliable, scalable, easy-to-use
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  • 2-step authentication

    Employees with your email domain will be able to sign up to view via a quick 2-step email verification.

  • Federated login control

    We can integrate with your corporate access control system using the SAML standard. Contact us for details.

  • Password Protection

    Protect your stream with a password.

  • Domain Controls

    Enable embedding on your own intranet only.

  • IP Filtering

    Add an extra layer of security and filter out IP addresses that don’t belong to your company.

  • Geo-Block

    Only want west coast offices to have access to your broadcast? You can easily geo-block to ensure this is the case.

Powering 2 million broadcasts per month

  • LinkedIn
  • Sony
  • Discovery
  • Intuit
  • Facebook
  • Nvidia
  • The Home Depot
  • Nasa

Ustream customer support is unusually superb. Support is the #1 reason to recommend Ustream to others.

Douglas Munro
HDTV Productions