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Pro Broadcasting plans

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Scalable, secure, engaging video communications
for your entire organization.

Pricing based on number of viewer seats.
Call to talk to an expert: +1 (800) 778-3090

$15 / month / employee
  • Boost employee engagement, increase productivity,
    and improve satisfaction by inspiring your workforce.
All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Prices exclude Consumption Tax where applicable.

All plans include

  • HD live broadcasting

    With no caps on bitrate or resolution, your full HD content is passed through to the viewers.

  • No ad interruptions

    Remove all in-video and display ads from your channel for both live and recorded content.

  • Recording of broadcasts

    Your broadcasts are recorded as a private video and it's up to you whether you share it with your audience.

  • Mobile compatible player

    Ustream broadcasts are available and viewable on all devices with any screen size or bandwidth.

  • Phone support

    Stream confidently knowing that you have 7-day a week phone support (6am-6pm US Pacific time)

  • Live playlists with looping

    Schedule videos to playback at specific times or trigger automatic looped playback of live broadcasts.

  • Video upload

    Upload your video footage to show them on Ustream or include it in your Live Playlist.

  • Embedding

    Ustream's HTML5 Smart Player is ready to embed on your site — or anywhere on the web.