Video Integration for IBM® Connections™

Unlock the power of video in your business social network. IBM® Connections™ helps your company get work done and now you can engage your employees through leveraging on-demand streaming content.

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Improved Employee Engagement

Through this video integration, you can confidently share knowledge while exploring ways to better engage employees. This includes letting employees create video blogs directly from an IBM® Connections™ page and also embedding experiences for others to share.

Reliable Social Video

The underlying technology utilizes IBM Cloud Video’s SD-CDN (software defined content delivery network) for global video scale. The video integration is also flexible, focused on delivering increased engagement from an ease of use solution.

  • Social Engagement

    Allow employees to like and comment on embedded videos while giving them the opportunity to share and highlight them within the network for added exposure.

  • Ease of Use

    Create video blogs inside IBM® Connections™ or embed existing video content. This includes on-demand video, with options to broadcast from a browser, mobile phone, hardware or software encoders.

  • Scalability

    Deliver assets in high definition, high quality while using a multi-CDN (content delivery network) solution with built-in fallback capabilities for improved individual viewer experiences and reliability.

  • Discoverability

    Browse and select videos from within an instance of IBM Enterprise Video Streaming, while being able to search for videos within IBM® Connections™.

  • Mobile Support

    Reach employees across devices, from mobile phones to laptops, while supporting a variety of connection speeds through adaptive bitrate delivery.

  • Secure Access

    Restrict access to video content with a robust set of security features, including corporate directories such as OneLogin, Okta, Google Apps for Work and more.

  • Optional Hybrid Delivery

    Through using IBM Watson Media’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network, organizations can scale video internally. This provides a solution for immense on premise viewership through caching to reduce local network strain.

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